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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Soft power,” Russia threatens Estonia: why expelled Russian diplomats

The Estonian authorities announced the expulsion of two Russian diplomats, Consul General in Narva Dmitry Kazennova and Consul Andrew Sergeeva. The reasons for this decision are not reported, the Russian foreign Ministry consider it another unfriendly step. “MK” has found out, what could lead to it.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Shortly before the presentation of a diplomatic note, namely 18 may, the two diplomats met with the mayor of kiviõli by Mykola Weakenin, where the day before vandals defaced the memorial to Soviet pilots during the great Patriotic war the inscription: “These murderers bombed my grandmother, let them burn in hell.” Then Kasenov proposed to move the monument to a mass grave of 27 Soviet soldiers, located in the same city. The mayor initially agreed, and after a meeting banned the transfer of the memorial stone.

In General, about life fell into disgrace diplomats, little is known since they attracted the attention of the media. However, 27 April 2016 at the cemetery of the Estonian city of Mustvee Kazennov laid flowers on the grave of a Russian citizen Dmitry Ganin, who was killed in 2007 during the so-called “bronze night” riots with the participation of the Estonian neo-Nazis, caused the demolition of the Monument to the soldier-liberator of Tallinn.

The authorities believe the young man’s Marauder, who was murdered by the same perpetrator, but the perpetrator is still not found. In turn Kazankov, standing near the grave of compatriot, said that he was killed, defending the historical truth.

As stated on the website of the Consulate General of Russia in Estonia, Kazennov is in the diplomatic service from 1980 year, in the same year he graduated from MGIMO. Fluent in Persian and English, from 1989 to 1992 he worked as the first Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in Afghanistan from 1999 to 2002 in India. In addition, Kazennova has a wife and two sons.

As for Sergaeva, at the end of April this year for the second time in my life took part in “Total dictation” in the Russian language, while receiving four. The event was held in Narva. According to the diplomat, he was glad that every year the “Total dictation” in Estonia is becoming more popular among citizens.

As told “MK” the Deputy head of the Institute of CIS Vladimir ZHARIKHIN, the expulsion of Russian diplomats may be caused by fear of Tallinn before the growing capabilities of Russia’s “soft power” in the territory of the Republic: “first, the authorities of Estonia are traditionally carried out anti-Russian policy is absolutely, and without any reason. Now, however, they began to worry, because for all their efforts to keep “non-citizens”, still the share of Russian in the Republic increased because Estonians leave their homeland. It is no coincidence that diplomats send from Narva, which is predominantly Russian city. Thus, they precede the possible strengthening of Russia’s activity in Estonia in the framework of the policy of “soft power.” In response, Russia will probably send an Estonian Consul and his Deputy, as required by diplomatic tradition. So the response was symmetric, most likely, affected the representative office in St. Petersburg. But, based on the previous history of the relationship, it can be assumed that as far as it will go. Estonia is not just against the rules forbade entrance on the territory of the Russian experts, considering that those are her any threat. In turn, Moscow has never engaged in such nonsense”


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