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Friday, February 23, 2018

Brussels lace trump: the President refused to confirm the principle “one for all”

Brussels is the capital of Belgium is world famous for its lace, but better known as the location of the headquarters of NATO. The arrival in Brussels of the President of the United States trump coincided with the opening of the new building of the headquarters. The story of trump’s stay in Brussels looked at first glance very simple to confirm whether it is the loyalty to America of the 5th article of the North Atlantic Treaty or not? But it was difficult as the Brussels lace, simplicity.

Photo: whitehouse.gov

Instead of confirmation of loyalty to the 5th article (the meaning of which is reduced to the formula “one for all and all for one”) trump gave the Europeans a hard lecture on “chronic non-payment” to the Treasury of NATO. The fact is that according to the agreement each NATO member must pay her 2% of their annual income. But today do so only five members of the Alliance of 28.

Speaking at the opening of the new premises of the headquarters of NATO, trump was limited to rather vague promises of “never throw in trouble friends who were on our side.” (After the attacks of 11 September 2001).

But for the European allies of the United States, this does not mean solid confirmation 5 article, which in fact is the Foundation of this Alliance is 68 years old.

Read the story: trump showed what NATO host: members of the Alliance were forced to pay

Trump once again refused to confirm the principle “one for all and all for one.” (This he did during the elections in the USA). He refused to confirm that the United States will automatically enter into the war, if any NATO member come under attack.

In an interview with “new York times,” trump said before the election as the President that the United States will come to the aid of the Baltics in case of attack Russia only if the Baltic Republic will pay more to the Treasury NATO. “If they fulfill their obligations to us, the answer is “Yes,” he said.

See photo essay on the topic:

Blue tie and white knuckles: an eccentric tramp at the Brussels summit

9 photos

The same U.S. President reiterated in his Brussels speech, but about all the countries. This position trump caused confusion of his listeners. Secretary Rex Tillerson and Vice-President Mike Pence reassured NATO members, urging them not that the United States supports the 5th article. But, as writes “the new York times,” until these words come out of the lips of the tramp, the leaders of the other NATO countries will continue to be concerned about.

Dominant performances trump was not article 5, but unpaid 2%. The meeting participants agreed to fill the shortage. Trump is as follows: “2% – this is extreme low resistance for today’s real and very vicious threats. If NATO countries would have made their full contributions to NATO would have been even stronger than today.”

The US President said he was “very Frank” with leaders of NATO in the question of the payment of the “fair share”. That’s why trump met in Brussels very sharply. This was also about the trade, and climate of the planet, and of course how to react “to the threat of Russia”.

The first meeting of the US President with European leaders resembled a game of “silence”. Responding to a formal greeting trump said, “thank you”, then closed his mouth. Watched how to operate the camera.

Namesake trump Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, acknowledged the existence of existing “inconsistencies”. “Some problems remain open, such as trade and climate, he said. And I’m not sure at 100% that today we can say “we” — that is, the President of the United States and I mean the common ground, common points of view in relation to Russia”.

As writes “the new York times,” the lion and Tusk are differing views on the “intentions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin” supposedly intervening in the European elections and conducting an increasingly aggressive policy in Ukraine. (Curiously, when the US President and the French President Makron shook each other hands they both even turned white from the stress of the bones of the fingers).

“Brussels lace” is too nice for a President trump. He calls the capital of Belgium “hell’s hole”, which is run by radicals. Brussels, as shown by the current stay of the US President, Trump pays the same coin.


Watch the video on:
“Trump publicly pushed Prime Minister of Montenegro”



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