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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Transport blockade of Ukraine left Transnistria without bread

Ukraine was fascinated by the blockade. This time blocked connections with Transnistria. The border is closed for food products. Their actions in Kiev explained by the paragraph 14 of the Agreement on cooperation in the field of veterinary of CIS countries.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

“The square” very successfully uses the laws and contracts concluded before the events of 2014, some of which are recognized if they are beneficial to them and others tearing unilaterally. Did with Transnistria, recognizing null and void all previous approval of transit in the unrecognized Republic. Now, the transit of food through the Ukrainian-Pridnestrovian border will be held only with the approval of the National Agency of Moldova food safety. Meanwhile, locked was not only Transnistria, but also two Ukrainian village Novoaleksandrovka and Novi butory, road connections which pass through the border with Transnistria. But apparently, Kiev is not interested in the problems of two small settlements.

The official Tiraspol has yet to respond to Kiev’s actions. However, the Transnistrian foreign Ministry reported that in the near future will attempt to negotiate. At a meeting of the security Council of the Republic raised the question of possible mechanisms for the settlement of the situation, which will be offered to Kiev and Chisinau. This was reported by press Secretary of the MFA of the PMR Yaakov Chaikin. Problems you may encounter unrecognized Republic due to unilateral decisions of Ukraine, can be fatal for its economy. In Transnistria from the Ukrainian border, imported meat, fish, sausages, preserves, eggs and dairy products. It is obvious that food shortages and sharp price increases.

Food blockade on Kiev staged just before the appearance of the joint Ukrainian-Moldovan checkpoints along the Eastern border of the PMR. The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who has a reputation as a “Pro-Russian” leader, stated that he supports this idea. The first border checkpoint near the village of Kuchurgan should begin its work before the end of this month. All should receive five CAT, meeting all international standards, as well as eight sections of the inter-state level.

To assess the Transdniester Moldovan-Ukrainian plans as a trade blockade, because now Chisinau will start to completely control the entire border area of the unrecognized state. According to the Minister of economic development of the PMR Sergey Obolonya the blockade has cost the country’s economy will lose up to $ 38 million. By the way, the desire of the Moldovan authorities “to ring” Transnistria is fully consistent with pre-election promises by Igor Dodon, which was planned before the end of 2017 to unite the country in a single state, including the federalization of Moldova, opposed by the “Pro-European” the Parliament of the Republic. However, it should be noted that the Dodon tries to minimize risks for the economy of the TMR. On 30 March this year Igor Dodon came to visit to Tiraspol where he discussed the Transnistrian counterpart Vadim Krasnoselsky plans of Chisinau to establish control on the Eastern border of Transnistria. The results of the meeting, the head of Moldova has promised to assess the risks for the economy of the TMR, and to adjust future actions. Nevertheless, the Moldovan President believes that the loud statements about major economic losses for PMR not true. According to him, under them, the authorities of Transnistria mean “political risks”, and not the damage to the economy.

Sergey SHIROKOV, Director of the Bureau of the Transnistrian political studies “the Mediator” told “MK”, which can lead to the blockade of the unrecognized Republic:

Due to joint actions of Kiev and Kishinev Moldova takes control of the import flows of Tiraspol. With 2006 Chisinau directs the Transnistrian exports. In fact, everything goes to the fact that the country will lose economic sovereignty. In particular, it violates the rights of Transnistria, which were recorded in the Moscow Memorandum of 1997. In the near future, it may seriously complicate the situation in the region.

The impression that Transnistria’s attempt to push for a sharp response. But Tiraspol has always proceeded from the necessity to conduct a dialogue solely by peaceful means. The Republic is counting on Moscow, which will act in this conflict as a mediator. Transnistria has arrived Russian Ambassador for special assignments, Sergey Gubarev, and soon will arrive the special envoy of the OSCE. I hope that their efforts will help to resolve the looming crisis, as the loss of economic sovereignty for the Republic of Moldova is unacceptable.

When he was just elected President of Moldova, he claimed that he wants to unite with the Tiraspol-based federalism. Now, he apparently inclines to the long existent in Chisinau, the concept of reintegration. But Transdniester will never agree to return to Moldova for the position of ordinary of the County. Ultimately, this can bring us back to the logic of military confrontation.


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