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Friday, February 23, 2018

Adventures trump in Jerusalem: the Wailing Wall and the scandal with his wife

Trump wore a yarmulke. The President of the United States Donald trump became the first serving U.S. President, who visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Past presidents have avoided the place. Here and say after this that he was elected Russian hackers. After the election of the first official visit to Moscow, and in Israel. What game is this? Why trump chose a launching pad for foreign missions this small country, with plans to hold it for a long time? (Trip is for 8 days, with a visit to Saudi Arabia and the Vatican). This “MK” asked the leading Russian specialist on Israel, the President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky.

photo: youtube.com

The details of the official negotiations is not yet known. However, the American leader has declared that has arrived with the goal to bring security and stability to the region. As reported by the Agency, in Jerusalem, trump donned a kippah and went to the Wailing Wall, putting her right hand. He closed his eyes and swung several times back and forth. He was accompanied by brother-in-law and senior Advisor to the Jew Jared Kushner and Rabbi of the Western Wall Shmuel Rabinowitz. Trump visited the Wailing Wall unaccompanied by Israeli officials and before you meet them. But even before the official talks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed support for the peace initiatives of the President of the United States in the middle East.

– Why trump his first presidential trip made to Israel, and, for example, not in Moscow or Brussels?

– In the US are very serious about religious symbols. Israel is a place where Jesus Christ was born, and where he died, crucified by the Romans. That’s why Washington is watching Israel with much more attention than others. For American Jews, which in the U.S. is 6 million, Israel is their historical homeland. It is important for them. And from the point of view of issues related to the defense industry and high technologies of Israel for the United States — a very powerful partner, the value of which is absolutely not comparable to its physical dimensions.

Why are the presidents of the United States never approached the Wailing Wall? And why trump has dared to break this tradition?

– Past U.S. presidents had a different attitude to religion, as an instrument of policy. They wondered how such a visit will react partners from Turkey or Saudi Arabia? And today, trump can afford anything. The Saudis Israel not interfere, they are not up to it. Acute hatred of Jerusalem is left only in Iran, but trump consciously chose a course of anti-Iranian, so that’s OK. So March to the Wailing Wall — just an additional blow to antithrombosis articles in the American press. And the intrigue for the press, which like his love for the outrageous.

– Trump announced that he had arrived in Israel to bring security and stability in the region. That is Israel becoming a major regional superpower in the middle East?

– Israel has long been the main regional power, it has long been the superpower. Israel is helping Egypt to solve his problem with water by using high technology, he solved the problem of their dry years and gives over all arrangements of the water of Jordan. Appreciate it. Only in the Arab world, who cares about Israel’s existence on the planet is Syria lost the Golan heights in 1967. But Syria Trump – not the decree. Like Iran. And the rest of Israel had long since ceased to irritate.

It is interesting that, formally, Israel is absolutely not seeking recognition as a regional superpower. It is not necessary. As the patronage of the United States. They are partners, where there is a Junior. Israel, like Trump, is important $110 billion on military contracts, and $350 billion in military contracts for a ten-year term, $280 billion of total contracts. This will give US hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and America will pray for this President.

– Walk in a pile will not cause irritation American Christians?

– Putin also went in a pile in Jerusalem. This caused irritation in Russian? Yes it is and it shouldn’t bother the President. If the President begins to worry about the opinion of the nerds who see something bad that he went to the Wailing Wall in traditional for that hat, how he was President? The man cares not God, but the opinion of the nerds, not the President nor America nor Russia.

Meanwhile, during a visit to Israel, already there was the first scandal. The first lady of the United States, the Melania trump literally threw the hand of his wife as they walked down the red carpet from the plane that brought them to tel Aviv. This is reported by the Agency. On the newsreel shows President is trying to take the hand of his wife, but she is not given and even slaps his hand away in response.


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