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Friday, March 16, 2018

On the Saudis went with the sword: trump signed a major military deal

Donald trump began his first foreign trip with a visit to Saudi Arabia. On the first day of the meeting, the experienced businessman managed to sign the biggest deal in the history of military industry in the USA. He agreed to supply Riyadh American arms for $109,7 billion In return, a symbolic gesture of Trump offered to try out the local weapon: during a dance with swords in honor of the distinguished guest, the President himself took part in it. While at the home of billionaire rumors about his imminent impeachment due to his connections with Russia, trump is trying to cover up the scandal successes in the middle East.

photo: AP

The American President is not afraid to depart from his earlier beliefs. Tweets threats against China turned a warm meeting with President XI Jinping. And the words “Saudi Arabia makes women slaves and kill gays” uttered by trump last year, has turned into a billion-dollar deal with Riyadh. The total amount of agreements, according to the Saudi Ministry of foreign Affairs, is $380 billion, of which $109,7 billion for weapons.

The US will supply Saudi Arabia’s missile defense system THAAD, missile launchers, patriot, armored vehicles, artillery, helicopters, warships of the coastal zone. All this, as stated by the White house, will not only allow Riyadh to rely more on themselves and not on U.S. military aid but will provide Americans a variety of additional jobs.

Despite the external goodwill that prevails during the visit, the background of the trip can not be called positive. At the beginning of the reign of trump denied entry to USA residents of the seven predominantly Muslim countries. Although the decree was suspended by the court, and Saudi Arabia initially, the list of these countries were not included, many residents of the Kingdom believe that trump is the enemy of Muslims. Not all have forgotten the sharp statements of the President in respect of Riyadh during the election campaign.

Perhaps that is why trump has been surprisingly reticent on the first day of the trip. After all, every wrong word could derail his plans. With the press, he shared only by the amount of the transaction and its significance to American industry. The main event of the second day tour was to be the President’s speech on the fight against international terrorism and radical Islamism, from which, however, also did not expect sensational statements.

Read the story “trump called “a useful idiot for the Russians

It is not excluded that to speak with representatives of Israel, the visit which is scheduled for may 22-23, trump can freely. Indeed, during the election campaign, he urged him to build a closer relationship and even to move the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It could be an indirect recognition of the de facto status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (still the majority of Western countries do not recognize Israeli conquests in the six day war of 1967, including the transfer of the capital in the conquered Jerusalem). The trump card in these negotiations can become daughter-in-law and trump and part of his advisers, Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Both profess an Orthodox version of Judaism, and deeply connected with Israel.

“Trump tries and with Saudi Arabia, and Israel to demonstrate that he is not Obama, who all argued that he would build bridges, to build a new middle East policy — told the “MK” Director of the Foundation for the study of the USA, Franklin Roosevelt Yuri Rogulev. — Trump will clearly demonstrate a friendly policy towards Israel, but whether it comes to transfer its Embassy to Jerusalem, it is difficult to say. Trump’s plan is this: not getting involved in middle East conflicts, to shift their decision on their allies.

As regards the deal for the supply of arms to Saudi Arabia, then it could indeed be a powerful stimulus for the U.S. economy. But this is not enough to bring growth promised by trump indicators. Some military contracts, it is not correct.”

During the eight-day tour trump will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, as well as visit the Vatican and talk with Pope Francis. The trip will continue in Brussels, where trump will attend the NATO summit, and will end with a meeting “the big seven” in Sicily.


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