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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The US share Syria: why Americans hit Pro-government forces

May 18, late in the evening, coalition forces launched air strikes on Pro-government forces in Syria. The Pentagon officially declared that the strike was because the Syrians approached the area of the us special forces at the border point At-TANF. As the American special forces were in Syria and what to expect soon in this theater of military operations, said the “MK” expert.

photo: pixabay.com

May 15, a group of soldiers, according to Syrian reports, consisting of citizens of the United States, Britain and Jordan crossed the Syrian-Jordanian border to launch an attack on Deir ez Zor As reported by a source close to the Syrian military, the group of about 150 people.

A few hours before the coalition launched an airstrike on the city of Abu-Kemal. The city is located in the province of Deir ez Zor, and for several years besieged by the terrorists of ISIS (the organization was banned in Russia by the Supreme court). According to preliminary data during the bombing killed about 30 civilians.

As suggested by the source, the coalition forces are preparing a bridgehead for a future attack on Deir ez Zor from several directions, and Abu Kemal — the perfect staging point for this operation.

U.S.-backed Syrian free army (FSA), or, as it has been called, the New Syrian army, intensified in the Eastern part of HOMS province. Now the Syrian Assad army (SAA) is forced to transfer part of the forces against them that will have positive impact on the speed of the attack on Deir ez Zor.

However, coalition forces bogged down in fighting for the “capital” of the Caliphate — Raqqa. And the sooner they take the city, the sooner you will be able to transfer additional units to Deir ez Zor. But the militants successfully defend themselves, despite air strikes and active efforts of the Kurds.

Therefore, on 15 may, most of the “capital” of the Caliphate went under water. According to official data, the city flooded due to water discharge from dams on the Euphrates river. Initially, the U.S.-led coalition blamed the militants themselves. Originally the locals thought that it could make the Kurds stop located near the city of al-Tabka dam. The first accusation seems very doubtful. It is unlikely that the militants decided to flood their own positions, thus making himself the task of defending the city. However, this situation would be great “helped” the coalition to quickly clear Raqqa fighters and reinforcements for an attack on Deir ez Zor. The locals now go out of town, as the result of indiscriminate strikes of the coalition killed civilians. And since the intensity of air strikes in recent years has increased, and the victims became more. During the last strike have died according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights, 12 civilians.

On the East of HOMS province, according to a source, the occurrence of the CAA has been suspended. The militants put up fierce resistance to government forces. Now, as reported by the Syrian source, there is a rotation and the strengthening of the group in Eastern HOMS. The Syrian army actively discourage militants of the oil and gas fields and expands the front. The evening of 16 may, transferred units of the “Tiger Forces” broke through the front in the East of Aleppo and freed three villages.

According to the source, the impact on propresidential forces was done for two reasons. Firstly, the attacked group could prevent the coupling controlled by the United States groups of the moderate opposition. And second, the Shiite militia is trying all means to get to the border with Iraq to connect with a large group and to obtain control of Syrian-Iranian border. Thus, they cut off supply routes of the militants besieging Deir ez Zor.

Recall that retreating from Mosul, the militants almost seamlessly forwarded to the province of Deir ez Zor through controlled border crossing points. “Now the attack on Deir ez Zor are trying to stop by all means”, – said the source for all of the opposing forces, this province is vital”.

The main reasons for such fierce struggle for the region two. First, it is a huge oil-bearing province. In the depths of the province of Deir ez Zor — 85% of all oil in Syria. Owning this region will undoubtedly be able to influence policy in the country. Bashar al-Assad, it is vital to preserve the integrity of the country to take control of the province. However, the rapidly changing mood in Washington, saying that such aspirations of the Syrian President in the White house do not share.

Second, the Deir ez Zor — border area, which automatically makes it strategically important to control the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Kurds, who have long been dreaming at least for autonomy within the framework of the ATS, too, claim to this province.

Again I must say that Assad is vital to keep the area. However, despite the fact that systematically, the Palmyra, the Syrian army is advancing towards Deir ez Zor, Assad forces are now lacking. Of course, the Syrian strike force periodically thrown on those sections of the front, where the situation becomes really critical, however, for the rapid onset of this is not enough. A bit ease the situation the government forces the actions of Hizbullah and the IRGC and the assistance of the Russian VKS. Now Assad needs to transfer the maximum number of forces for the offensive, otherwise the province will simply be shared by other players.


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