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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The impeachment of Donald trump: the first step

No day without new information, showing a slow but steady slide of Donald trump the ravine of impeachment. A day without tweets from the besieged President in defiance of “chasing” him. Events unfold so quickly that writing about them has no chance to give readers “svezhak”, which is not sour in a few hours – on the days of the question. So don’t expect anything Grand.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The U.S. Department of justice has appointed spectacular to investigate the links between the pre-election campaign trump and Russia. This is the first step towards a possible impeachment, which is now increasingly talking not only journalists and political opponents trump in Congress but also its allies-the Republicans. Media report on the panic and decadent mood in the Bush administration: its employees, “refresh your resume” on the eve of a job change. Process, as the saying went.

Spectaculorum, who will lead the main inquiry (there are still a few, but they all become secondary), appointed Robert Muller – the man who headed the Federal Bureau of investigation from 2001 to 2013. An experienced lawyer, who prior to joining the FBI was a lot of loud prosecutorial success in the past – a military officer-marine, veteran of the war in Vietnam, Mueller enjoys the unconditional respect of both Democrats and Republicans. His appointment (which, by the way, trump has only learned ex post) received the General approval and support.

Appointed him to the post of Deputy head of the Ministry of justice Race, Rosenstein – Minister of justice, Jeff Seshns previously withdrew from all that concerns the “Russian scandal” trump (because he was a member trompowsky contacts with Russian representatives, which are silent, when confirmed by the Senate). Rosenstein – the same man who a week ago referred to trump, explaining the dismissal of FBI Director James Komi. Trump allegedly acted on the basis of the Memorandum of Rosenstein, which allegedly contained the recommendation to this effect. The Memorandum, as it turned out later, was written at the request of trump, and Rosenstein, knowing that trump used his paper for the dismissal of Komi began to think about retiring from his post, to which it only in April, has appointed a trump.

Read the story “trump dubbed the “witch-hunt” investigation into his ties with Russia”

But on reflection, he apparently decided to clean up its tarnished reputation trump a strong step in defiance of the Tramp – he announced the appointment of Robert Mueller spectaculorum to investigate “Russia-gate”. Announced – and then turned from “outstanding person of independence and integrity, respected by both political parties” (quoting Vice-President Mike Pence), the character who initiated “unprecedented in American history, a witch-hunt directed against politics” (these words were written in his Twitter trump). The appointment of spectracolor, trump added in a subsequent tweet, “causes terrible harm to our country”.

His reputation begin to save many, seeing where it is. Just announced an early departure from the Congress of deputies, Republican Jason Chafetz, who heads the house Committee on oversight of the Executive branch and reform the government. His last year was criticized for what he is not investigating the conflict of interests trump candidate and trump-businessman, and this year – for failing to investigate ties to Russia Michael Flynn, which trump was forced to resign from the post of assistant to the President for national security. Now, when the trump dark clouds of impeachment, Chavez, apparently, thought it best to get away from starting all-out showdown – perhaps, forget…

Mentioned Flynn, according to media reports, to testify did not intend; he previously simply and specifically said that you can tell a lot of interesting, but only in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Legislators to “immunize” don’t want it.

But happy to testify suddenly fired by trump (on his dismissal he learned from TV), the former head of the FBI James Komi. This is asking lawmakers to transmit its readings through radio, TV and the Internet to “the country knew the heroes.” Komi, according to him, all conversations with trump recorded without delay in the form of memoranda. One of the memoranda States that trump asked him to put a brake on the FBI investigation against Michael Flynn, – nothing, they say, to ridicule a good man. Trump said in response: yeah, I always said Flynn is a good man who made a lot of good for the country, but I didn’t ask to take his investigation.

Reuters has reported 18 not previously disclosed by trump and his assistants talks with Russian officials over the last seven months of the campaign. Experts call this frequent communication with representatives of the country, not the Alliance, is very unusual. By themselves, these contacts are not a crime, but if found that there was a coordination between the campaign headquarters trump and Moscow, then impeachment becomes a reality.

U.S. intelligence agencies strongly believe that the Kremlin was trying to help Trump during the election campaign. Help, according to American intelligence and counterintelligence, made by the hands of hackers and Wikileaks, as well as state media. Many now see the Trump assistance from Moscow, and differences between the Kremlin and the White house think is a red herring.

And in the newspaper The Washington Post reported that last year the Republican majority leader in the House of representatives Kevin McCarthy has told in conversation with colleagues: “I think there are two people paid by Putin: that Rohrabacher and the tramp”. (Dana Rohrabacher – Republican Congressman from California, known for his Pro-Russian statements). Now Congressman McCarthy does not give his words, but calls them “a bad joke”. Trump he “trusts a hundred percent.”

But as you know, in every joke there is some jokes, and 100% under the influence of circumstances can easily turn into a zero.


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