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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Moon base announced by aliens, populated by thousands of aliens

Unusual dark hole on the moon’s surface, which can be seen in photos from an artificial satellite, a UFO is considered the entrance to the base of the aliens. The conspiracy theorists argue that it is not even about the alien base on the moon, and that this cosmic body is a huge man-made object, from the side looks like a celestial body of natural origin, and the inside is populated by representatives of an alien civilization.

photo: pixabay.com

The picture which attracted the attention of self-proclaimed experts, was made space station the U.S. space Agency NASA called Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. According to the author of the video dedicated to the “discovery” about the artificial origin of the tunnel shows not only that he seems unnaturally deep, but the correct form, as well as small dots around it, which you can see in the picture, and which, says the ufologist, is a sign of “activity” of aliens.

Message ufologists, who saw in some vague outlines on the surface of other planets or even Land the traces of the visit of aliens, or the local fauna, almost always appear on the Internet with enviable frequency, but in recent years, the number of “sensationalism” of this kind has been high even by that standard. Recently it was reported “cash register”, found on Mars, shortly before — about a wrecked in Antarctica spaceship of aliens, still a bit too early — about three giant spaceships heading towards the Sun, and before that — about the tank left by aliens on the moon. However, in all probability, these and many other similar discoveries represent only a play of light or the stones of unusual shape, the nature of which was very loosely interpreted by the lovers of loud news.


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