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Monday, February 19, 2018

Enemy manipulation: in the Duma called on the FSB to silence the “Voice of America”

United Russia” attacked “Voice of America” and some other foreign media in his report, which was announced on Friday. Deputies report about how the aliens manipulate our public opinion, so much that one of the elders of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky has suggested to discuss the activities of “enemy voices” on a separate closed session with the participation of the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov.

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin supported the request of the head of the liberal democratic party and announced that the name Bortnikov members will write an official letter. And, the information appeared that the meeting will happen before the parliamentary recess. But what it portends? Whether we have, as in Soviet times, to jam foreign radio stations? This “MK” asked the first Deputy of fraction of LDPR and a member of the Committee on information security of the state Duma Vadim Dengina.

photo: pixabay.com

A major PR “voice of America” during the Soviet Union, oddly enough, was itself the Soviet government. In universities, students reported that the station to listen is unacceptable. The technical service tried that radio wave jamming. In the end, everyone curious wanted to know what that says there, and in radio — catch the wave despite the jamming. By the way, nothing special was not there, except for the fact that on the death of Secretary General or about the Chernobyl accident “enemy voices” reported earlier than domestic. My opinion — if again the “Voice of America” will begin to turn off, it will be a noble PR move, and it will again start listening. And now a snippet of conversation with the Deputy.

The leader of your faction proposed to hold a meeting with the FSB, the idea was supported by the speaker and other MPs. And what solutions do you plan to take as a result of this interview?

— To suppress the “enemy’s voice” no one is going. Otherwise we will be like the United States where there is censorship. We just want to get from the Director of the FSB for more information about the audience of these media and how they affect the minds of our citizens. Well, at the same time — this is our symmetric response to anti-Russian hysteria in the United States. They claim that we have impacted their choices — and we’ll find out, did the Western media to influence our elections. It is from the same series as their hackers brought down our “Megaphone”. In the West talking about “hand of Moscow” — we will talk about the “Washington obkom”. Seriously, the USA through its entities are trying to influence Affairs in our country (remember the doctrine of Allen DULLES about to incinerate our country from within thanks to the propaganda from the outside).

The doctrine operates to this day. Thanks to FSB deputies to learn more about it. None of the foreign media we deny and suppress not going to. Just need to know the opponent in the face. The Russians should have the right to obtain information from all sources and of protest, and foreign. But Russian politicians and the media should know the strategy of the distributors of foreign information to confidently oppose. To understand what processes are they involved, who of our citizens pay money for it. Or, conversely, which of us is helping them. After all, there are Russian politicians who are mentioned in the Western media frequently and exclusively in a positive context. And the rest of it is only subjected to criticism. That’s all it is and should be viewed under a microscope. And nothing more.

Yes, the US put pressure on our “Sputnik”, and “Russia today”, but we will not be like. In the US there are only three channels that are independent from the government orders, we have them — dozens. Let them work and “Voice of America”, and others. Just we will be carefully listening to them and actively oppose.

— Following the meeting of deputies with the head of the FSB will be taken some new laws?

— No. We are all quite well adjusted, and other laws in the field of media is not necessary. Although we certainly will discuss this topic in June. But I think that sooner or later some laws on this subject will appear in America and Europe. If Russian hysteria subsides, they may try to ban our broadcasters in their territories. And when she calms down — I hope you will think about the fact that the media (especially working in other countries) represent the image of your country. And they should be objective and balanced so as not to embarrass her in front of foreign audience.

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