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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ukraine on the brink of a religious war: cry of the Verkhovna Rada of

A prayer for understanding MPs under the walls of Parliament began on Thursday morning in Kiev. Common sense might need MPs when considering two so-called “Church laws”, which despite its delusional, still appeared on the agenda of the meeting. According to the draft laws initiated by MPs from the faction “people’s front” and “Samopomich”, the Church in Ukraine, in fact, should go under the control of the state. And the Orthodox churches of the Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate may be selected in favor of the “schismatic” Kiev.

photo: youtube.com

The essence of the draft laws # 4128 “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations”” and # 4511 “On the special status of religious organizations, senior centers are in a state that recognized by the Supreme Rada as the country-aggressor” surprisingly, even people who are deeply Pro-Ukrainian. Because these documents violate the Constitution “independence”, proposing to the state to interfere directly with the functioning of the Church.

The notorious draft law “On special status of” offers to approve appointment of abbots and bishops of the Church “with a Central Executive authority that implements the state policy in the sphere of religion.” So does the Church intend to make “required to coordinate with the state Agency… inviting foreign religious workers to exercise their Ministry and other canonical activities”. If the Church tries to shy away from these procedures may be prohibited on the territory of Ukraine. In fact, the MPs propose to appoint the Holy fathers decree, as well as governors. The basic principle of separation of Church and state is bursting at the seams.

The second project (No. 4128) has been dubbed the “law on raiding”, since the document on “freedom of conscience” offers the following literal: the religious affiliation of any organization (Church) can be changed at the request of the parishioners. For example, the inhabitants of a village always considered myself Orthodox, and then suddenly part of villagers came into his head that they are now Muslims. So they will not build a new Cathedral for their worship. Just come to the Orthodox Church and say – now it’s a mosque.

That is, to transfer a Church from one denomination to another is proposed by a vote of the congregation. Not surprisingly, against this innovation was made by all religious denominations of Ukraine — Orthodox, Catholics, Jews, Muslims…As explained by the clergy: there is no way to check whether the true believers will vote for a change of confession, or they would simply execute someone else’s order of the congregation. . Only the Kyiv Patriarchate doesn’t mind, because I think this law will be able to take the remaining churches of the Moscow Patriarchate. To this day the thugs with Nazi insignia by force, seized the Church of the ROC. Now they will withdraw “the law”…

Unknown to gain these bills the necessary number of votes in the Verkhovna Rada. Even the majority of deputies considers that the state should not meddle in Church Affairs. Moreover, society, these initiatives are not explicitly supported: the appeal on the unacceptability of these laws only two days had collected more than 350 thousand signatures. Spoke on this occasion and the world Council of churches, which urged the Ukrainian leadership to withdraw the bills.

Secretary-General of the pastor Olav tveit of the world Council of churches in a letter to President Poroshenko specifies that the impending changes in the laws”threaten the principle of freedom of religion and equality of all churches and religious communities in Ukraine.” Against these bills spoke and the Main scientific and expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada. However, the parliamentary Committee on culture and spirituality recommended the adoption of the draft laws ” on the basis of the first reading.” And as reported by members of different factions in Parliament is “mobilization” of MPs and pressure for the adoption of these bills. At the time of signing was not yet clear that the more worked on MPs – prayer for understanding or “selfish interests”.


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