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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Scientists told about the benefits of beaver dams

Dam that beavers are satisfied in the reservoirs are considered to be very harmful phenomenon. Slowing the flow, increasing surface area and reducing the shade of the trees leads to an additional increase in the temperature of the water and affects the living conditions of fish. However, scientists of the American research company ecological Research, double-checking it, found something quite the opposite.

For eight years, Nicholas Webber (Nicholas Weber) and his colleagues conducted temperature monitoring at 23 points over 34 km of the river bed bridge Creek in Oregon. During this time, the number of beaver dams here has grown from 24 to 120. In addition, there were more than 130 of artificial dams, which were constructed under the program of restoration of natural ecosystems of the river.

The article, published in the journal PLoS One, the authors reported that maximum daily water temperatures during this period dropped by 2.6 °C, and its daily fluctuations became smaller, as if the dam act as a buffer against small swings. Stimulation of a population of beavers and their activity may be a promising “natural” way of restraining the growth of the water temperature. It is often associated with human activities and is dangerous for many fish prefer a cooler environment.

It is worth saying that the reason for this influence of beaver dams is poorly understood. Perhaps the buffer role played by large mass of water that accumulate in dams, and heat up and cool down such volumes very slowly.

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