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Monday, February 19, 2018

Russia does not let trump: the President of the looming shadow of a special Prosecutor

It is still difficult to say, someone who has created, or mountain — mouse, or mouse — mountain. Shifting of FBI Director James Comey, President Donald trump even more confusing political intrigue that beset the city on the Potomac. Events followed one another, but this confusion has begun to emerge a certain line, following yet nowhere. Approximately at half past five in the evening on may 17 in the Oval office became a White house lawyer Donald Machen and informed the President that Deputy Minister of justice Born Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller spectaculorum for the investigation of relations between the presidential campaign of trump with Russian officials.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The US President responded to this news is cool, but at the same time with the call. He told attendees that he wants to “fight back”.

After that, trump has gathered in his office his advisers, most of whom encouraged him to adopt a conciliatory position. And only his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who just pushed his father to the withdrawal of Mr. Komi Republic, insisted on a “counterattack.” However, after a short discussion, the majority prevailed. The assistants gathered around the computer in the waiting room of the Oval office, and began to compose a reply message Rosenstone. At the end of this scene, the President looked like something unusual for yourself. His fighting ardour had clearly evaporated. Why Rosenstein, and not the Minister of justice Sesens appointed Mueller as special Prosecutor? But because the Minister of justice Sesens challenged myself on any matters related to Russia.

The decision of the Deputy Minister of justice Rosenstiel, was the result of developments that have called on President trump, suddenly withdrew from his post of FBI Director James Comey. As it turned out, trump was asked Komi Republic to terminate the investigation, which he led against the former assistant to the President for national security General Michael Flynn.

Rosenstein caught up in this issue kind of the head of the Ministry of justice, came under increasing pressure to both Democrats and some Republicans, who demanded from him to appoint a special Prosecutor after he wrote a Memorandum for the White house, in which he outlined the need… the resignation of Mr. Komi.

Appointing Mueller, who at the time was a Federal Prosecutor and has a spotless reputation, Rosenstein to some extent tried to look away from themselves and to send to the President all requests, complaints and demands. In his statement on the appointment of müller, Rosenstein writes: “It is in the public interest. I’ll do it mine and appoint spectracolor who will take full responsibility in this matter. My decision is not a result of being discovered — the crime was committed. I had not done.” But what responded the President: “As I have argued many times, a detailed investigation will confirm what we already know, namely that there was no collusion between my campaign and some foreign community. I look forward and hope that the whole thing will quickly come to an end. And while I will never stop in their fight for the people and for the problems that most concern the future of our country.”

Muller will be under the auspices of the Deputy Minister of justice Rosenstone, and through Rosenstone and the President. It will have greater autonomy in the investigation than other Federal prosecutors. However, it should be noted that Mueller is a special Prosecutor and not an independent Prosecutor. This means that the President trump may remove Mueller from the position of spectracolor, although for this he must first displace to appoint him to the post of Deputy Minister of justice Rosenstein.

As recalled by The New York Times, in the history of the Ministry of justice is only the second case of the appointment of a special Prosecutor. The first case took place in 1999, when it created this post. Ex the then attorney General Ms. Janet Reno appointed John Danforth, former Republican Senator from Missouri, an investigator of the case of the RAID of law enforcement against the sect “Branch of David” in 1993, when 76 people died.

The appointment of Mueller was greeted by Democrats and Republicans on Capitol hill with satisfaction. Senator Ben Sass, a Republican from Nebraska and member of the legal Committee said that as shown by the data of Mueller and his character and reliability, they have been unwavering for decades.

Senator Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland and member of the foreign Affairs Committee said that Rosenstein has taken a very serious step to restore the reliability and validity of both the Ministry of justice and the FBI.

Mueller served under democratic and Republican presidents. President Barack Obama asked him to stay for two years at his post after it had been exhausted his statutory ten-year term. Then in 2013, Mueller was replaced as Director of the FBI, James Comey.

Mueller and Komi Republic are very close. They have teamed up to curb the appetite of President George W. Bush, who began to abuse their power. Mueller supported the Komi Republic, which at that time was the Deputy Minister of justice. In March 2004, he threatened to resign when the White house tried to continue eavesdropping on the conversations of Americans without court authorization.

Now Muller is the head of the law firm, it enjoys great popularity among FBI agents. This is largely the result of his managerial style. So, after the September 11 attacks, when there were various projects to break up the FBI, Mueller, who became FBI Director just one week before, beat back these attempts and began to create a new modern Office.

The popularity of Mueller testify to such facts. According to the Gallup poll, confirmed by the FBI Director to the Senate at a ratio of 100 votes in favour and none against. Its secondary approval to the post of Director of the FBI under President Obama passed with 98 in favor, one against, with two senators absent.

The mess that arose in Washington, in connection with the appointment of a special adviser to investigate relations managers trompowsky election campaign Russian officials hit hard by wall street. On Wednesday, the Dow Jones fell almost a record 372 points. Basically, the banks were shocked.

The song that sucked on the banks of the Potomac, not the end. This is only the beginning.


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