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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Parrots helped to understand how dinosaurs learned to fly

Two scientists from Stanford University watched the flight of pygmy parrot Lessona, to understand how they combine the efforts of the wings and legs, leaping from one branch to another. Perhaps this will help you to know how evolved flying dinosaurs. The results of the research of scientists published in the journal Science Advances.

In the course of their work, the authors taught four parrots species Forpus coelestis jump from one bar to another in a specially equipped cage. It every wand could catch parrot, had pressure sensors, and the entire cell is housed this movement of the wings of birds.

Scientists found that if the sticks are close, the parrots use mostly leg strength to push off and jump to the crossbar. In this case, the wings only serve for better control over the movement. If you need to get to more distant rungs, parrots rely more on the work of the wings.

The results the researchers used to create the model, pokazyvay, as they could use their wings like limbs four species of feathered dinosaurs. Two of them, Archaeopteryx and microraptor, has been quite successful – they were able to lengthen his jump by 20%. And the other two, heavier protarchaeopteryx and caudipteryx, hardly able to effectively use their forelimbs for any long flight. Thus, Archaeopteryx had a serious advantage over their competitors, which should speed up the development of the ability to fly.

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