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Monday, March 19, 2018

Eight months in prison for the rally on 26 March: “Mom, do not cry!”

On Thursday in the Tver district court was handed down the first verdict in the case of the use of violence against law enforcement officers at an unsanctioned rally on March 26 in Moscow. In the dock were 28-year-old actor and the sociologist Yuri Coli. Before the trial, he pleaded guilty and the case was heard in a special manner. Kuli received 8 months prison.

Photo: OVD-info.

A criminal case of uncoordinated meetings on March 26 in Moscow were instituted under article about attempt at life of the police officer (article 317 of the criminal code – up to life imprisonment). The participants and sympathizers had a long discussion with craniocerebral injury of a Policeman – Eugene Gavrilov, who testified on the “Swamp case”.

But few people paid attention that in fact there were even a few injured police officers and it was supplemented by the hooliganism (CH 2 of article 213 of the criminal code – up to 7 years of imprisonment) and the use of violence against a representative of power (part 1 and 2 of article 318 of up to 5 years of imprisonment). SK suddenly announced the names of four suspects, who soon confessed.

In the case of Yuri Koulia has some interesting points. In exchange for recognition of the investigators in the presence of appointed counsel promised to let the actor under recognizance not to leave – this was told by his lawyer Alexei lipcer – he came into the case after the arrest of a young man. However, the court still sent him to jail. A testimony against Koulia gave the activist of Pro-Kremlin organizations SERB Alexander Petrunko, in which Internet users recognised the man attacked with green paint on opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

The basis of the charges against Koulia lay episode on Pushkin square. The video, posted online, shows how some people try to place the detention of the activist of riot police. One of the participants tries to pull the riot baton, the other grabs him by the back of his shoulders; to the aid of fellow national guardsman comes second and beats people with a rubber truncheon.

Despite the special order of consideration (the process takes place without examining darstellt, questioning witnesses, were convicted, but the punishment may not be more than 2/3 of the maximum, – the “MK”), the hearing on Thursday lasted for 4.5 hours.

The lawyer filed a certificate stating that the young man has rodstveniiki in need of financial help, mother is asthmatic and grandmother, and thanks to Kuliyā for helping to organize the event for children with cancer from the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation.

The judge then embarked on a survey of the defendant, which was more like a session of the psychologist. The participants learned a lot of details from his personal life Koulia, to the extent that the father he saw once in his life, with her mother rarely due to busy at work, and lives in a house in the suburbs with a “four-legged friend Mastino Napoletano”.

– What the mother said? Does not support your participation (in the campaign – “MK”)? – asked the judge.

Said: “horror”, and that I was a fool.

– And you yourself appreciate?

– A month and a half I realized that I had not done a very good deed, said a young man.

A word of remorse Coli uttered constantly. The hitch came just after the speech of the representative of state charge, according to which “Holding a special stuff – a rubber stick and pulling the shoulder of the petty officer Regardie in toldu protesters, Coli caused him physical pain.” (According to the lawyer, no damage from police officers is not fixed – “MK”).

You realize that means you agree with the accusation and admission of guilt?

Yes. Yes, – said the actor.

– You know that the police cannot use violence?

– I didn’t know that would happen. I had no malicious intent. There the video shows that I separate people – was justified by the young man.

– So you do not plead guilty?

– Yes, why not admit? I admit it.

“Does he think these repentance somehow affect the verdict? – whispering women in the boardroom. – There everything is already written”.

During the break, the lawyer Alexey lipcer explained “MK”, Kuli really have enough police officers and, despite the fact that in court it was clear that he disagreed with some of the episodes that it imputes a result, he and his lawyer decided that the chance to “more than adequate punishment more if you admit guilt.”

In his last speech the actor is once again apologized to the police officer and asked to appoint him on probation or sentenced to compulsory work – he said he wants to work with a “sun children” (the so-called children with down syndrome).

The prosecution asked to sentence Yury Koulia to 2 years of imprisonment. The court took a more lenient decision: 8 months of a colony – settlements. It was evident that the young man to such an outcome wasn’t ready. He silently cursed and noticeably became sad. “I counted on conditional term” – at last he tried to speak to journalists, but the bailiffs quickly escorted everyone out of the room. When passing the grating, behind which sat Kuly passed his mother, he shouted: “don’t cry, mom, it’s the little things in life.”

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