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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Crimeans can go without visas to Europe for Ukrainian passports

A little more and Ukrainians will come to complete happiness – a visa-free regime with the EU, coming from June 1, will be for the Square, according to its residents a breath of fresh air, a ticket to heaven.

Want – go to relax, want to sell to Milan… is This not true freedom?

But there are those now who will try to take advantage of this opportunity for free. It is the residents of the Crimean Peninsula, some of which will also be able to visit the Schengen countries without bureaucratic delays.

This circumstance is particularly outraged by the legitimate citizens of Ukraine who believe that indulgences “traitors” should not be. However, it was the Ukrainians and saw a tiny opening for the Crimean people under the new rules, and told about it.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Recall that in early April the European Parliament by a majority of votes ( “for” 521 MP) has approved the visa facilitation solutions for citizens of Ukraine traveling to the EU with short-term visits. After that, the line for passports stretched in Kiev on entire streets. As told on the phone “MK” the Ukrainians themselves, the place had to take in the night, in order nobody climbed, the activists were given the number plates, e-line through the sites of the migration service for some reason, often hung out and didn’t want to work. So many people still not got a new product with microchips and fingerprints. But June 1 is coming…

And either leave will only be those who the ultra-modern passport has already received, and these lucky ones not so much, either to prove the triumph of democracy for a while to extend the check-out everyone on old existing instruments, but still visa-free. And these have been preserved and many of the inhabitants of the Crimea.

The order of visiting European countries is still quite high, selection is primarily on financial criteria, will still admit only those who confirm their creditworthiness – from 91 euros per day of stay in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, to as little as three euros per day in Hungary. “Of course, you can drive to Hungary, and from there to go to more expensive and inaccessible to Italy and France,” dreaming enterprising Ukrainians.

And they came to this idea: and what prevents the inhabitants of the Crimea, three years ago, another former their citizens to finally use your old passport and it is illegal to go on a foreign voyage? This hot news discuss on several travel sites. “Yes, soon Europe will begin to put the documents of the new sample, but still not enough, you will, I think, to go on the old,” – says 19-year-old Yana from Odessa.

“The main thing is not to show randomly when landing at the airport of the passport of the Russian Federation, or on a trip and will end immediately, and you’ll be fined,” warns seasoned traveller from Yalta. It immediately soothe other lovers of tourism. “It is not necessary to take the tour from Moscow, you can go through the old Ukrainian from the Crimea through the Armiansk and then fly from Borispol. Or a new Russian to get to Minsk, and from there to Europe by bus on the same Ukrainian, it is still less work” – give each other advice of those who are not afraid to take risks.

However, as it turns out, many used this method last year and it actually worked without misfires. “Kiev still considers that we – the citizens of Ukraine, so, can easily obtain new passports, leaving, for example, that somewhere in Kherson”. “Crimeans have the right to exactly the same bezviz, otherwise it is a violation of European fundamental values,” some are trying to put pressure on the pity.

“But why are you from the Crimea where to go? Once you have there and so solid heaven, the sea, the sun,” teasing vacationers climbed in chat Ukrainian patriots.

All in all, the idea is to get into the European Union on the Ukrainian passport, discussing more than a hundred messages. “It’s not treason, but simply a way to see the world, especially we do not want to stay there and to relax and to return,” justified Russian tourists.

“MK” tried to find out whether it could work and that threatens trespassers? “The unequivocal answer to this question is no, because the innovation will come into force only since 1st June, then you can see whether they are swindlers and adventurers” – suggest members of the Russian migration services. The Ukrainian of magazinshikov, for obvious reasons, to get a comment failed. “In any case, people who still have old passport and it still valid, not so much, because since the accession of Crimea to Russia, it’s been a whole three years.”

The official representative of EU in Ukraine David Stulik in a recent press conference in Kyiv confirmed that the residents of Crimea do, if you want, you can travel across Europe as other citizens. “Or you ride with Russian passports and pay 60 euros, or you have a biometric passport of a Ukrainian citizen, and you travel without visas”, – he concluded.

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