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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Foreign policy “washed” Medvedev and Georgy Poltavchenko at St. Petersburg legal forum

This year at the international legal forum held in Saint-Petersburg for the seventh time, for the first time invited not only professional lawyers, but also representatives far from law specialties. Sitting on the stage next to Dmitry Medvedev, the technical Director of the Chinese Internet company Dunbai Th talked about the peculiarities of regulation of cross-border e-Commerce.

photo: kremlin.ru

A specialist in cognitive technologies of Sean Hoffman frighten the audience that in the near future of their highly paid jobs will take on so-called “new collar” with artificial intelligence. Medvedev has considered it necessary to intervene.” Despite new technologies, the ability of lawyers to earn money will be saved. I want to reassure all”, – he promised.

Specialists in the field of civil rights has aroused the greatest interest the speech of the President of the National Council of Switzerland jürg Stahl, who told us that every citizen of his country has the right to initiate an amendment to the Constitution, if you collect only 100 thousand signatures. Moreover, authorities think how to make the process even more democratic.

“The right to referendum is a guarantee of stability and Swiss law. Because the authorities know that there is a popular vote on the referendum, they are very astrono when making decisions,” said Stahl.

The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko looked away: just Wednesday morning, the legislative Assembly of the city refused to discuss even the possibility of a citywide referendum on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church. So the Russian realities report of Mr. Stahl was more like the tale of the “beautiful far”.

Dmitry Medvedev is “far away” look is gone, and in his speech discussed the challenges facing the Russian system of jurisprudence at the current stage. Most important, according to the head of the Cabinet (recall that the LADIES were graduated from the law faculty of Moscow state University, and, according to the scientists, after the completion of the government may lead the Supreme court) is to ensure the stability of civil legal relations, especially private property rights.

The principle of non-interference in private Affairs and the guarantee of judicial protection should remain unshakable, Medvedev said, as if answering to participants of Moscow rallies who are concerned about the authorities ‘ plans to demolish their building. The Prime Minister stressed that Russia, which in the year 2017 celebrates the anniversary of two revolutions, has attempt to create a special “socialist legality”, and this attempt is not justified. “The results of this historical lesson of disrespect to the institution of private property, we should not forget,” said the LADIES.

However, in his opinion, it is necessary to continue work on the further systematization of the right margin. In recent years the country has accumulated a vast array of legal norms in various legal acts: in the town planning code was introduced hundreds of amendments that are complementary to its various provisions. Separate rules because of their imperfections and to different interpretations it is necessary to adjust the constitutional court. Medvedev called for a “through systematization of rules and regulations,” as well as “the unification of legislative acts” so that they are easy and comfortable to use.

Not surprisingly, the poor quality of the laws undermines the credibility of the judicial system. And this, according to the Prime Minister, the third important problem that needs to be addressed. The Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that the number of appeals to international courts and tribunals is growing is concerned, as well as economic disputes between companies, and relations between States. Only the international court of justice is now considering 14 cases.

“Never been,” – said Medvedev, adding that, in General, considers the recourse to a supranational court is correct. However, in such cases, in his opinion, are not “attempts to resolve disputes in the international courts without the consent of the Respondent state”. “Such trends are dangerous and contrary to the essence of international judicial proceedings”, – he stressed.

Now without the consent of the Respondent state at the Hague hears the claim of Ukraine to Russia, which Kiev accuses the Russian government of financing terrorism and racial discrimination of the Crimean Tatars. In addition, the French gays have asked the international criminal court against the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov on the sidelines of the forum suggested that whatever the decision, they are unlikely to have legal consequences. Russia is not a party to the International criminal court. In addition, the COP can recognize the decisions of international courts impossible, if they contradict the Constitution.



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