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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Scientists at the University of Bauman invented a new method of calculating the terrorists in the subway

To inspect passengers of public transport at a distance by using the radar device may begin in the near future, employees of the underground and surface transport. Device developed by specialists of MGTU im. Bauman.

As reported by “MK” in the remote sensing Laboratory, experience of airports where screening of passengers used the scanners in the millimetre range (they need to enter without clothing, stopping for a few seconds and raise your hands up) proved the effectiveness of the radar method, the attacks in the sky almost stopped. However, in surface and underground transportation, where he had moved the terrorists, using such portals is impossible due to the large flow of people. To solve the problem failed thanks to a new method invented by the specialists of the University: they combined radar channel with the image sensors, allowing them to detect hidden under outerwear objects even at fast motion of the subject.

In contrast to the usual framework of metal detectors, which do not identify the explosives, the new device looks like a line of small antennas. It can be easy to hide in the interior and conduct a secret inspection of all incoming and coming out of the metro and buses of people. By the way, the person is inspected with the help of the radar, not appearing “naked” in front of the operator, as it was in the near future in airports. Radar portrait of a man processed by software without human intervention: it identifies the prohibited items, and the inspection already gives a schematic image of the body with red dots — so the computer is file hidden prohibited items.


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