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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pyongyang says was a conspiracy to assassinate Kim Jong-UN

The official news Agency of North Korea said that South Korean national intelligence service and the CIA had recruited in 2014, a North Korean lumberjack working in Russia’s far East, to assassinate DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

It is followed by “chilling” details of a conspiracy “abhorrent terrorist group”, started “biochemical murder” Kim. The CIA and the Seoul intelligence service, it appears, taught “the woodcutter” art of killing and provided $20 thousand to buy accomplices. In addition, “the human scum” equipped with “satellite space communication”. The Ministry of state security of the DPRK stresses that it was taken for the assassination of Kim Jong-UN.

The murder of the leader of the DPRK was supposed to happen during the recent military parade attended by Kim. “Lumberjack” with space communications allegedly threw more dollars to further bribery of the conspirators. However, the “plot” was uncovered.

The North Korean side said with menace in his voice that it would begin cracking down on terrorists immediately that there would be “wiped off the face of the earth all the intelligence and zagovorennaya of the organization of American imperialists and their puppet clique are the most brutal terrorist group in the world.” “Puppet clique” is the Seoul government.

Protection of North Korean dictator literally borders on manic. Before his public appearances evicted the residents of all the nearby houses, and the soldiers, who will shake his hand, wash your hand under the supervision of “appropriate services”.

The life of the leader is no laughing matter. When in 2014 Hollywood movie Studio “Sony pictures”, forgetting about it, decided to make a joke, then it is costly. I mean the Comedy “the Interview” that North Korea has not been seen, but nevertheless it caused widespread outrage. It is a question of plotting against Kim “Sony pictures” paid for his movie-Hochma powerful attack of North Korean hackers. Not to povadno…

But Pyongyang threatened the “conspirators” not only by hackers. Threats include nuclear and missile tests. Washington reacts to them in two ways. Recently, the President, trump said that “the United States can finish big, a very big conflict with North Korea”. Then he changed his temper justice with mercy, saying that he “would be honored” to meet with Kim, who failed to kill “Sawyer”, if this will contribute to the circumstances.

In recent years, North Korea seized a significant number of South Koreans and four American citizens, one of whom is accused of espionage. North Korean propaganda claims that more than 30,000 of its citizens who fled to the South, were “actually” kidnapped by South Korean intelligence agencies under the leadership of the CIA.

All this happens in a period of fierce confrontation on the Korean Peninsula where any spark could ignite a nuclear missile fire. “Sparks” rained not only from Pyongyang. Washington and Seoul have reported the preparation of a South Korean commandos to the “decapitation” of the North Korean leadership “in case of war”.

Rumors of the plot against Kim Jong-UN, like his father and grandfather, considered in the West too exaggerated. According to the newspaper “new York times”, Kim was guarding and guarded by a huge number of soldiers and security agents, as is common in police States.

In 2004 there was a huge explosion at a railway station on the border with China. The Chinese press wrote that it was a terrorist attack to assassinate the father of the current President of the DPRK. But in reality, Kim II drove the station nine hours earlier. The explosion occurred from the collision of two trains with fuel. Then killed and injured about three thousand people.

Conspiracies to assassinate the leaders of North and South — a constant motif of the “Serenade” of the Korean Peninsula. In 1968, for example, the North Korean commando got almost to the house of the President of South Korea, the so-called Blue house. They were disposed literally in the last moment. According to one of the detainees, the commandos planned to “slit the throat” of the South Korean dictator, Park Chung-Hee. In retaliation, Pak has created his own organization of assassins to end with your enemy, Kim Il Sung, grandfather of the current Kim, who imitates him in everything. Even hairstyle.

In 1983, North Korea attempted to eliminate other South Korean dictator Chun Doo-hwan. During the visit, the head of South Korea to Burma conspirators planted the bombs in the Mausoleum of martyrs. (To me this place is familiar. There’s a lot of years ago I recorded a conversation of the N.Khrushchev with the Burmese President.) Bombs exploded. destroying the Mausoleum and killing 21 people including several South Korean Ministers. But Jung himself was unharmed – was late for this explosive meeting.

When the two Koreas exchanged plots against their leaders — it’s awful. But it’s hard to imagine what would happen if the Korean Peninsula will start the exchange of missiles and nuclear weapons involving the United States and Japan.



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