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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Meat in Russia will be issued on cards: the project of the Ministry of industry and trade

In Russia will appear again cards for food. They will be issued to those of our compatriots, which can be attributed to the category of poor, that is, those whose income does not reach subsistence level. On the issued cards they will be able to buy “fresh, chilled meat and fish and fresh vegetables.” However, to roam at public expense from the poor will not work. According to experts, the monthly amount, which you can use to buy food, will make about 1,5 thousand roubles. It’s enough for two pounds of meat, two pounds of fish and 30 pounds of potatoes.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

That in Russia will be implemented a program of issuance of ration cards that can be purchased a certain number of food products, recalled on the sidelines of the meeting of the Commission for monitoring the implementation of the election program of the party “United Russia” the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov. His Department has already agreed on its basic principles with the Ministry of economic development and found support in the person of the Ministry of Finance. The program can be launched from 2018. It is expected to spend up to 300 billion rubles. However, where to take them, the Ministers have not yet decided. “As for sources, the Ministry of Finance is working”, — noted Manturov.

The theme of the return to food cards in Russia did not rise from November 2015. Then from the same Ministry, followed by the announcement of the implementation in 2017 of the so-called “electronic food certificates”. The principle of the issue and actions were taken in the United States, where such instruments exist since the great depression. The essence of the American program is that for each poor (i.e. living below the poverty line whose income does not reach $1.6 thousand per month — including immigrants) is allocated a certain amount, usually not exceeding $200 per month. The money can not buy alcohol, tobacco, medicines, to pay for housing and transportation services. But given that food in the US is cheap, this subsidy at least allows you not to die from hunger. Such programmes benefit tens of billions of dollars annually. This also supports American farmers.

Russian officials have not yet named the amount which can be received by their poorer fellow citizens. Maybe the officials are scared of the abyss that separates them from the poor? For example, the monthly salary of the current MP is 800 thousand rubles. In Russia from the point of view of the state poor is the person who receives income below the subsistence minimum. The poverty threshold is about 10 thousand rubles a month, and it do not reach around 21-22 million Russians.

Touching on the theme of ration cards a year and a half ago, representatives of the Ministry of industry and trade spoke about monthly payments in the amount of 1.4 thousand rubles. As now, argued that the cardholders can buy goods of a certain category, mainly perishable products, particularly fresh meat and fish and veggies and fruit. Cereals and canned into this program proposes not to include.

According to head of analytical Department UK “BK-Savings” Sergey Suverov, using the logic of the officials, it is easy to calculate how much the passage of time, that is the moment of the beginning of the program in 2018, can be state subsidies to low-income citizens. Considering inflation at 5.4%, which was recorded in 2016, and the growth of consumer prices 4%, which promises economic bloc of the government this year, it can be concluded that subsidies in General will increase by approximately 10%. Accordingly, the amount of subsidies will increase to 1.54 thousand rubles.

How much meat and fish you can buy for the money? Even at first glance it is obvious that a little bit. Kilogram of the cheapest fresh meat is in Russia now an average of about 350 rubles. Fish of the same freshness — about 300 rubles. It turns out that allocated by the state in the form of food stamp funds to the poor Russian citizen will be able to 2 kilos of meat and fish, and about 30 pounds of potatoes.

However, much stronger not afraid of it. If spending limit of 1.54 thousand rubles for each of the 21-22 million are below the poverty line of Russians every month, then 300 billion, which officials want to spend in the programme, enough for 9 months or less. Can be still to return to curb inflation?


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