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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lithuania will spend a million euros on the fence from the Russian beavers

Lithuania has decided to drop an “iron curtain” between themselves and the Kaliningrad region — in the sense not figuratively, but quite real. Service of protection of the state border of Lithuania announced the beginning of construction of the metal fence that should separate the Russian enclave from the Baltic republics. Already found a contractor that is ready for 1.3 million euros to equip a two-meter high fortifications of 44.6 km of the border until December 20, 2017.

photo: pixabay.com

Block fence plan area from lake Vistytis to Neman. In fact, the length of the land border (including inland waters) between Lithuania and the Kaliningrad oblast is of 253.7 km So the goal of the project, covering one fifth of the “dangerous directions”, is not entirely clear. However, this is the area where there are water obstacles in the border rivers. The Minister of internal Affairs of Lithuania Eimutis Misunas at the beginning of the year, explained that the fence to the Republic needed to combat smugglers and illegal immigrants. Available now barbed wire and 30-metre-high control strips, apparently, not enough.

The Minister also pointed out that using the fence in Lithuania want to prevent the abduction of citizens of the Republic of the Russian security forces, because such incidents allegedly took place earlier in Estonia. “The fence is a sign that the neighboring state we regard as an aggressor,” — said the Minister. It is clear that the smugglers can go around 45-kilometer fortified site and take advantage of the remaining 200 transparent kilometers of the border. The more that the width of the border rivers in many places not more than 3 meters.

Mass migration from Kaliningrad to Lithuania are not expected. The poor of Asia and Africa who want to leave well-fed part of Europe and move to her backyard, it’s easier to do it on the Baltic sea. Since there is no barrier. To perceive the same metal fence as a serious obstacle in the way of somebody’s “aggression” — and at the folly. So the only true reason for the construction of the “Baltic wall” can be considered purely symbolic. To spend more than one million euros for “iconic,” but a meaningless construction — not too great a luxury for subsidized EU countries?

In the Kaliningrad region undertaking the neighbors appreciated at the beginning of the year, when in the Baltic countries for the first time declared the possibility of the appearance of the fence. The authorities of the Russian region has offered to supply Lithuania brick for the construction of the wall. But they decided that the metal boom will be more reliable…

Why Lithuania needed a fence to fence, “MK” said the expert, the head of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin ZATULIN:

— Previous similar fence on our minds built the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Now this building is the reason for corruption investigations. If the Lithuanian politicians want to capitalize on the metal, then the construction of the fence reasonably. But I think the glory wall Lithuania no interceptions. Although the very Grand Chinese construction, as we know, did not save China from a number of invasions. The fence, I think first Lithuanian parliamentarians have built in my head. And this “fence” are so strong that they will not notice how their actions and statements destroyed their own sovereignty.

I, for example, last year, as Rapporteur to the statement of the State Duma had to pay attention that attempts to speculate on the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact about the post-war reconstruction of borders can lead some countries to loss of territorial integrity. The same Lithuania, for example. Because, as we remember, until world war II Vilnius was part of Poland. And attempts to build all sorts of fences can also be associated only with increased solar activity.


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