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Friday, February 23, 2018

Experts: Ukrainian saboteurs in the DNI and LC do not stop

The head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said that the Ukrainian saboteurs laid seven mines in the path of his motorcade to the memorial complex of the great Patriotic war on Saur-the Grave. However, all exploded, only one, not to touch any person. How long can a diversionary war, the victims of which, according to official figures, have become warlords Arsen Pavlov, Mikhail Tolstoy, Alexey Mozgovoy and Dremov Paul, “MK” has found out from the experts.

In the area destroyed during the ATO memorial “Saur-grave”.

Rostislav ISHCHENKO, the head of the Center of system analysis:

– To stop the penetration of Ukrainian saboteurs in the DNI and LC is impossible. At the time, the US could even send saboteurs into Soviet territory, and they responded in kind. In war do it even easier. Anyone else in the history of the world failed to fully protect yourself from the appearance of saboteurs. Even Hitler has been made more than 10 attempts, what can I say about Zakharchenko, who has far fewer opportunities to protect themselves.

By any diplomatic measures the DNR also has no influence on Kiev to stop throwing saboteurs on the territory of the Republic. In particular, the negotiations under the Minsk agreements are based on international agreements, the guarantors which are Russia, France and Germany. On the initiative of Donetsk nothing to suspend not. You can break the agreement, but it would be tantamount to a shot in your own foot. For this reason, Ukraine does not break, but not fulfilling the Minsk agreements.

But this does not mean that DPR and LPR must accept and wait, when Ukraine will bother to send them saboteurs. Any recognized or unrecognized, belligerent or peaceful state has intelligence agencies. Its employees are expected to fight terrorists. It is clear that overfishing all the rebels further than anyone else, but every intelligence Agency always striving for maximum efficiency. It is a constant struggle shield and sword.

However, I hope that in this fight nobody would think to close the border with Ukraine. The transition need not to Zakharchenko could go to visit the President of Petro Poroshenko, and to hundreds of thousands of civilians in the Donbass was visiting relatives, went to work and so on. Closing this opportunity will primarily affect ordinary people, not the saboteurs.

Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the magazine “national defense”:

– The growth of professionalism of the security services of the DNI and LC will improve their fight against Ukrainian saboteurs. In the meantime, the security service and military intelligence of Ukraine is actively practicing sending in their territory its agents to commit terrorist attacks, including the destruction of Zakharchenko and Chapter LNR Igor Carpentry, which are their main operational priorities.

As for the current attempted murder Zakharchenko, it is necessary to understand how was going to have a blast minutes If it wanted to do with the aid of radio or mobile communication, it is necessary to place the tuple in the first-person vehicles, which provide suppression of radio controlled fuses. But most important is to prevent the infiltration of saboteurs into the territory of the DNI and LC. The closure of the border in this case a nickname which will not, as of the militants sent using methods typical of special services.

How much time will it take to intelligence agencies the DNI and the LC have learned to deal with the Ukrainian saboteurs, should be addressed to the Donetsk and Lugansk. For example, the Cheka Felix Dzerzhinsky after a year of work could have brilliant operational combinations to expose the conspiracy of ambassadors, the British intelligence and so on. In the hands of state security of DND and LNR.

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