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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The final of the French debate: viewers for Makron, but Makron against Russia

In a matter of days before the second round of presidential elections in France, held a televised debate of candidates. Ex-economy Minister Emmanuel macron and the leader “National front” marine Le Pen, who during the previous rounds of discussion was memorable for a fierce attack each other, finally met one on one. During a verbal duel, the candidates addressed the issues of relations with Russia and the EU. But the main topic was domestic policy. The winner of the bout came Makron: 63% of viewers found it most convincing.

photo: AP

According to the survey of the company “Lab”, marine Le Pen after a TV debate gave the preference to only 34% of viewers. Meanwhile, these figures do not coincide with the number of those who intend to vote for the candidate of the far-right “National front”. According to the latest polls may 7 to cast their vote for Le Pen finished 41% of the French, while the Macron is 59%. It is difficult to imagine that Martin will be able to reduce this gap for a few days. But do not forget that after the first ballot, her position hadn’t changed, and the macron are slowly but surely losing support.

The final round of the televised debates gave the candidates the opportunity to gain extra points. But instead of explaining his policy positions chose to focus on mutual attacks. Marine Le Pen received from the opponent’s nicknames are “misinformed”, “corrupt”, “filled with hate” liars, which “feeds on suffering France” and leads her to the “civil war”. He was awarded the definitions of “arrogant,” “spoiled”, “a grinning banker” and “extremist”.

About relations with Russia, Emmanuel macron, said that the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine should be solved with the participation of Moscow and at the negotiating table. “It’s a working partner for a number of regional problems, which I’m going to argue, but realizing that many things we have different values and priorities,” said independent candidate on the questions about the Russian President. “But I in any case will not submit to the dictatorship of Mr. Putin,” he added, noting that this is the difference between him and the leader of “National front”.

“We have no reason to “cold war” with Russia — as usual did not agree with him, Le Pen. — We have all the reasons to revive diplomatic, trade and strategic relations with Russia, because it is a great nation because Russia did not Express hostility against France.”

The candidates did not agree on the issue of relations with the EU. For Pro-European stance, Le Pen called Him an “extremist”. “France in any case will be managed by the woman, either me or Angela Merkel,” she said. The candidate of the nationalists intends to initiate a referendum on withdrawal of France from the EU in September, if he becomes President. Former Minister of the economy, in turn, called her opponent a “parasite” that lives at the expense of the miscalculations of the French politicians.

“There is no change in the positions of the candidates compared with surveys before the debate is not — shared with the “MK” head of the Center of the French researches of Institute of Europe Yury RUBINSKY. — In the second round of the macron still can expect to win by a wide margin. As for the form and content of the debate, it was badly. Themselves French commentators came to the conclusion that this was the worst debate in history of the Fifth Republic. The candidates interrupted each other, and very widely resorted to personal insults, which had not been practiced. It is a reflection of tensions in the country and the collapse of the existing party-political system. Makron was certainly more convincing on economic issues. Le Pen was far more emotional and far better than its competitor. Against Russia candidates repeated what they already stated repeatedly. Statement of Makron that he did not share with Moscow or values or priorities, of course, very strong and will affect his position.”


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