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Friday, February 23, 2018

Navalny was given a choice: to flee Russia or to fight for power

Migration service of Russia gave Alexei Navalny a passport to leave the eye treatment abroad. The last five years, he had the right, as is under investigation. The word “is” is the key here, because the criminal case of Kirovles not closed and remains under further investigation. But before Alexei could not leave, and now suddenly became possible. The first thing that comes to mind: Navalny had become too influential opposition leader and the presidential elections the Kremlin has decided that it is better to go for treatment, away from sin. Well, let it get warm under the sun there is in Europe, not bringing confusion in Russia. And what is the real motivation of the government and the opposition in this matter? “MK asked about this at the analyst and policy.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

FMS explains the state’s position this way: if domestic doctors are unable to provide the necessary help but recommend foreign clinics where it is possible to conduct the treatment, the state must provide the patient a chance to go and heal. And the court can wait.

Recall that in late April, unknown (not found yet) the attacker splashed in the face Bulk green paint, with the result that the recognized leader of the Russian opposition received burns to the eyes. If power is not released Alexey abroad for treatment, that it would be claimed that she is “harassing” the opposition.

The most sincere interlocutor of “MK” were people from the inner circle Navalny, who acknowledged that “Alex is tired”. To cure his eyes, he could be in the clinic, well, at least on Tverskaya, but he needs a break from the pressure. Look around, maybe find work in the EU, to carry the family and not return to Russia with serious political projects at least a few years. And the government just “gave him a chance to think about the future.”

However, this version is refuted as scientists and opposition politicians. Give them a call.

– Can a drop of green fodder, caught in the eye, to cause such damage that the operation cannot be done in Russia? Or Bulk is still running, with the consent of the state?

– Zelenka could add poisonous substances. There is an assumption. True or not – I do not know – said “MK” the General Director of the Center for political technologies Igor BUNIN. But in the version that Navalny decided not to go for treatment, and to escape, I do not believe. He’s a politician, people are passionate about, and defection for him would be a shame and total defeat in his own eyes. No, do not run.

– Why the government, which periodically kept Navalny under house arrest and the real, suddenly gave him the opportunity to go abroad?

– A situation which goes beyond the old logic of the authorities. Part of the “Kremlin towers” we decided that we need to stop extruding man. In the logic of this decision there are two options. First: after Navalny is going to fly for a month or two abroad, and his eye fix — the story of the green paint will be forgotten. Because of the suspicion that the power is related to the green paint in the ranks of the supporters of Navalny exist. There is a second option that is close to your version: Navalny urged not to return to Russia. But in this I do not believe. He is not the man to capitulate. I think that there is no escape from the political situation, and just scared of the situation with the burns of the eyes and wants to save vision. Like his personality, I doubt very much that he would ask foreign asylum. He will try to come back if he does not block this possibility.

– Alex needs to save the eye. He may need it for future career. In Russia guarantees to keep the vision he gave no more than that — local doctors themselves advised him where to be treated, – said the “MK” the candidate in mayors of Moscow Dmitry GUDKOV, whom in the presidential race were to support the blogger Navalny.

But in the capital circles there was a version that the state just gave him the opportunity to escape without “bloodshed” from the authorities and the opposition, and his eyes nothing to do with it…

– Nonsense! The bulk would come back to fight.

A small PostScript to this review. With great respect to versions experts. His version of I has already aired more than once. Bulk of the Kremlin — as in Detochkin of “Beware of the car”. He is certainly guilty. But he is not guilty. Because in the fateful moments have always adopts a position that asks for power. And the confirmation of this thesis was the urgent news that an Amateur splatter green paint in Bulk still brought a criminal case.

Read the material: the FPS does not produce Bulk overseas for treatment

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