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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ukrainian military exercises near the Crimea: experts argue about the war

On the morning of 28 April in the Kherson region began teaching Mat, in which motorized infantry must make a forced March with overcoming water obstacles. In the future, soldiers are sent to fight in the Donbass. Since, as in the East of Ukraine the war started, the Ukrainian army went on a regime of intensive training. Only in 2016 APU took part in the roughly 500 military exercises aimed at preparing for war against Russia. What it may lead, “MK” told the experts.

photo: pixabay.com

The command of the Ukrainian army claims that soldiers have to make a forced March with overcoming water obstacles. Including participated motorized infantry, which subsequently go to fight in the Donbass.

To prevent all this Crimean “occupying” power in Kiev, of course, did not, but the representatives of the Ukrainian army has made several other high-profile applications. For example, the Deputy head of the Union of officers of the Republic Evgeny Lupakov told reporters that Kiev needs only 5 submarines to destroy the entire black sea fleet of Russia. A former Deputy chief of the General staff of Ukraine Igor Romanenko said that his country must strengthen its armed forces, not to be in the grip of Moscow.

In the state Duma such statements are perceived with humor. As stated elected from the Crimea the Deputy of “United Russia” Ruslan Balbec, the campaign on the Russian Peninsula could be the last event in the life of the Ukrainian military. However, it should be noted, after joining the Crimea to Russia and the start of the war in the Donbas, the Ukrainian military exercises were held much more often, and all are in some way directed against Moscow. According to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in just one year of 2016, the Republic spent about 500 of these teachings, including using aviation, ships, and even s-300.

Than all it can turn to Russia and Ukraine, “MK” has found out from the experts:

Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the magazine “national defense”:

Training and education of Ukrainian troops in Ukraine is conducted in a spirit of hatred towards Russia. The fact that Moscow is the main enemy of Kiev, enshrined in all the doctrinal documents of political attitudes and actual military planning. However, I hope that Ukraine realizes the danger of war with Russia.

Moscow has a self-sufficient group of forces, which in the case of aggression is not only willing to secure the borders, but also at any time to completely destroy Ukraine. Greater threat to Russia are of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups, which issues are sent to the Crimea for sabotage.

As for the statements that Ukraine will sink Russia’s black sea fleet, all kind of cheap bluffing. With the same success it is possible to continue jumping on the Maidan and screaming “Poland on a gilyaka”. Modern Ukrainian Navy is a heap of rusty scrap metal, so if anyone has any lush spring fantasy, these people need to be treated, and not to leave the ranks of the Navy of the country.

Sergei MARKOV, Director of Institute of political researches:

Ukrainian scientists do not bear any danger for Russia, as Kiev has received a clear signal from Moscow that the answer is in the strongest and tough. At the current stage the Ukrainian authorities are trying by all means to return to the subject of the Crimea in the international agenda, including arranging informational provocations through military. In the end, even the anti-Russian sanctions more and more attached not to the Peninsula and the Donbas. Official Kiev is not profitable, because the less the West pays attention to, the less stable is his regime.

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