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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Stephen Hawking has expressed fear that the artificial intelligence will destroy human civilization

Speaking at a video conference held at the Global mobile Internet conference in China, physicist Stephen Hawking stated that in the future artificial intelligence, in his view, could destroy human civilization, thanks to which it will appear.

photo: youtube.com

It should be noted that the likelihood of “rebellion” artificial intelligence scientist told before, but in this case it was disturbed by a somewhat different scenario. As reported by physicist, people can rely too much on his invention, leading to the degradation of humanity and, consequently, to its disappearance in accordance with the laws of evolution. While Hawking believes that artificial intelligence can carry quite positive effects, if you take into account the concomitant risks.

Stephen Hawking — theoretical physicist and popularizer of science, is primarily known for his contribution to the theory of black holes. The scientist suggested that black holes can “evaporate”, emitting certain particles at the quantum level, and this phenomenon was called “Hawking radiation” in honor of its discoverer. Hawking is one of the founders of quantum cosmology and the author of the bestseller “a brief history of time”.

Recently, the name Stephen Hawking often appears in the context in which the vast majority of other serious scholars can meet rarely. Quite often, the scientist predicts a rather “fantastic” scenarios for the end of civilization, and “rise of the machines” — not only of them. In particular, the scientist does not exclude that one day the Earth will the aliens arrive, will turn our planet into their colony. Also, “apocalyptic” scenarios that are acceptable to scientists, are a failed experiment to create an artificial black hole and emerged from under the control of an invincible virus created in the laboratory. Not long ago, a scientist suggested that to save humanity, would the establishment of a world government.


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