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Friday, March 23, 2018

Russia’s isolation on the Trump: the hopes for a “warming” less

On Friday the Russian-American relations have suffered another blow in the back. The US state Department and the White house almost simultaneously said that no progress in relations with Moscow, on the contrary, American diplomats have made its isolation in the UN. Despite this, Russia’s ruling elite continues to believe in his friend trump, who will fulfill their election promises as soon do away with Russophobic Congress.

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As stated in Washington, one of the major achievements of President of the United States Donald trump 100 days of his rule was the isolation of Russia in UN. In the White house believe that this has been achieved thanks to the successful negotiations with China. The head of the US state Department Rex Tillerson announced that the results of his visit to Moscow failed to solve any of the problems. According to him, the Kremlin needs to decide whether he wants to undermine the global order or to be part of it.

Despite this, the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that relations between Russia and the United States sooner or later will get better, but you need to show patience and restraint. According to her, the parties understand that the need to move away from confrontation, but while this prevents Russophobic American Congress.

Experts of “MK” said, when and why there may come a thaw in Russian-American relations:

Alexander Mikhailenko, Professor at the Department of foreign policy activity of Russia, Ranepa:

– Given that trump has been the President of the United States thanks to the absolutely other slogans, it is time for him to spend a considerable political shake-up. But he confronts a very powerful system, including Russophobic Congress, whose views have evolved over the decades of American domination in the world. However, for a similar attitude among Americans all the less reason. In particular, around the world States increasingly do not think about global markets and their own interests, which is reflected in the global political system. The previous model no longer corresponds to the current balance of forces, Russia says it most clearly.

Under these circumstances, Moscow should continue to explain to US how the world has changed, that in 20 years the world has changed, and we’re not going to sacrifice its national interests. So did China, India, Turkey… the West needs to move away from the stereotypes.

Valery Garbuzov, Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies:

– I have less hope for the warming than Matvienko, because you can’t see even the slightest its manifestations. The most you can expect is that the dialogue will proceed in a constructive and pragmatic way. But it is not warming and the improvement of relations and communication that will be based on current realities, in particular from the fact that the US is pursuing a policy of containment of Russia, which led to serious confrontation between Moscow and Washington.

To resolve the conflict, both sides must make concessions, that’s life. If Americans continue to insist that dialogue will be possible only after Russia returns the Crimea to Ukraine, then nothing happens. In particular, will not work to end the war in Syria, to overcome the world terrorism, and so on.

However, hopes that the world has changed, and the USA’s going to stop there to dominate, not true. It is naive to believe that America will suddenly hand over their positions, so Russia need to wait for the promised time, and not to make concessions. The U.S. dollar remains the world currency and the American economy, despite all the troubles, continues to be strong and adaptable to various crises.

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