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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Heroes from the Kremlin: don’t smoke, drink moderately, mainly sex

Before 1 may in the Kremlin traditionally honors the heroes of labor. Previously held in high esteem was a labor socialist: the gold star is awarded to the best workers, agricultural workers, and those who have contributed to the rise of science, culture, the growth of the power and glory of the USSR. Now no clarifying definitions the name of the award does not contain, and the number of winners has dropped significantly. If in the Soviet era, has annually awarded about 400 people, now five. The official explanation — to improve the status of the award. Unofficial, but probably the most correct – not to increase the burden on the budget. After all, every hero put payments and benefits totalling more than 50 thousand rubles per month.

photo: kremlin.ru

In just four years (from 1991 to 2013 star of hero of labour was not awarded) high title was awarded to 20 people, and almost all of them on Friday came in the Grand Kremlin Palace to support the newly-baked winners. In the crowd, invited a stentorian voice and a proud gait stood out, the state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon. On his lapel shone from two almost identical stars. One of Hero of labor received in the past, 2016. The second hero of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic.

– I have it only on special occasions wear, – the singer admitted, – That today is such a case.

Those who only had to top up a modest list of Heroes of labour of Russia, tried to stay close to friends and relatives. The largest group of support has gathered in the Kremlin, the artistic Director of “Sovremennik” Galina Volchek. Applaud the beloved master came stars such as Chulpan Khamatova, Marina Neyolova and Sergei Garmash, as well as very young artists of the troupe, which, according to Volchek, to “protect Russian psychological theatre from all the trendy stuff”.

Chief physician of clinical hospital №1 in Krasnodar region Vladimir flutter has brought to Moscow the whole extended family — wife, daughters, granddaughter and grandson-of a cadet. He enjoyed family was represented by the Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko and presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov and shared with the journalists the secrets to healthy longevity:

You must quit Smoking. To drink moderately. And the most important thing is sex!

The former head of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, who was to become the first politician awarded the star of Hero of labor in the modern history of Russia (we will remind that in the USSR this title was worn by all General secretaries, starting with Stalin) was accompanied by the youngest son Radik with his wife. And resnicow from Yakutia Varvara Ustinov – ekskort sturdy peasants in a green uniform of the defenders of the forest. “Oh, no female this work! – sigh Varvara Mikhailovna, Thank them!” It seemed that the only fitter of “Sevmash” Alexey Ivanov came to pick up the reward alone, but this impression was deceptive. To ensure that working people do not get lost in the wide corridors of the highest authority, were representatives of the plant management.

Welcoming the winners, Vladimir Putin stressed that “Russia has always been rich in loyal sons and daughters, selfless, creative, able to work for the benefit and prosperity of their Motherland”. “Each of you is a world woven with bright destinies, a special natural talent and, of course, great difficulty. Gold medal “Hero of Labor of Russia” belong to you by right. I congratulate you with this high title!” – the President said.

In response, all awarded repeated the same idea: the star of the hero — it’s not personal reward and recognition for all involved. Galina Volchek in this connection, recalled the “leader” of “the Contemporary” Oleg Efremova, and already deceased actors Igor Kvasha and Lily Tolmachev. Dr. flutter — Cuban health care. As Mintimer Shaimiev Of Boris Yeltsin.

Stressing that policy cannot “walk with weak nerves and no love for the people”, the ex-head of Tatarstan wished Vladimir Putin not to stay the course and not give in to outside pressure: “Russia cannot be weak. It shows the whole history of our state. I want to say to You – keep it up, we are strong and doomed to success”. Barbara Ustinov rightly decided that to fulfill this mission, the President will need “health is as strong as Yakut diamond”.

Want people have lived for 85 years, both in Norway and 87, in Japan, added to the common Fund his wish Vladimir flutter.

By following his precepts, Vladimir Putin invited all present to celebrate the award: in moderation — one glass of champagne, which the President himself, at best SIPS. After that, the head of state had a long chat with guests — especially with Galina Volchek, who because of illness for several years confined to a wheelchair.

However, the happiest of the Kremlin in the end, went the son of Mintimer Shaimiev Radik.

I managed to catch HIS eye! with delight he shouted into the ear of the wife on the way to closet, And that I will never forget.

As still little is necessary for happiness of our people…


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