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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bulk must shoot

Bulk splashed brilliant green eyes. Not for the first time. This answer is very high-ranking people. He poked them in the eye revelatory films about their great wealth of dubious origin. They tried to pretend that do not pay attention, they say, God’s dew. But apparently, the skin on the face was burning cool, and response, criminal, gang: burn the eyes of the kicker.

photo: youtube.com

On the eve splashed with green paint in the eyes of the blogger Ilya Varlamov. In contrast to the Bulk, he does not claim authority, the candidate does not call himself, but criticizes. Pokes authorities in the eyes of bad roads, dilapidated houses, and other outrages. Here and he responded.

Zelenka — liquid burning. It is in order and invented to cauterize. Bulk this time scum splashed (from their point of view) very well: he was in the hospital, the burn of the cornea, the consequences are unknown.


People who suddenly splash into the eyes, do not know what it was. Maybe Zelenka, and maybe, sulfuric acid, and maybe even something worse. (Recently the elder brother of North Korean leader at the airport splashed in the face, he quickly died.)

In any case, it is health damage. But if acid is the irreparable: disability, blindness.

Since such cases have become frequent, and the police whenever it is idle, we must understand this and act appropriately. In self-defense shoot to kill (in trauma).

If Bulk, Ulitskaya, Varlamov would shoot forwards (in trauma), it would certainly be “within the limits of necessary self-defense.” Because people do not know: suddenly blind and then stab with a knife?

People who lie in wait for the victim, attacked suddenly and poured into the eyes burning substances — scum and gangsters. Talking to them is useless. It is clear that they only respect force (power, money). The government doesn’t stop them. The money they pay someone. Is to just shoot.


Varlamov and many other critics, again, we don’t claim to power. But do the work of entire departments: Construction, water Protection, Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor’s office. Critic works for them, instead of them and free. This auditor does not take bribes, colluding with the law breakers does not enter. The power would have to thank him, reward…

We don’t know which of the branches of government which branch of government hired thugs to attack Varlamov. Do not know which of its messages and who exactly is furious. Could learn, but the police apprehend the bandits didn’t want to.

…Blogs Varlamov reaching hundreds of thousands, the Bulk films are watched by millions. If people don’t think these revelations are important, and would not look. After all, it’s not entertainment talk shows; opposite: boring details, legal details.

Varlamov and a few others like him perform in society the same function that the gas monitors in the mine. These are the devices that inform miners about hazardous concentration of toxic gas. These devices warn the miners of danger of death. But by order of the authorities the vital saving analyzer wrapped with tape, caulk, cut off, so as not to interfere earn.

…Strikers, who splash you in the eye, to shoot (in trauma). If such a case is shown on TV (and even if you do not show, people will see it online), then the next scumbag will think: whether to risk their lives and health. Scum usually love themselves and only attack the unarmed.


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