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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ukrainians were offered to move to the Latin alphabet

The Internet portal “chasi” has published the project of the Latin alphabet for the Ukrainian language. This project is called the “Manifesto of the Ukrainian Latin alphabet”. And called it among other things to help is easier to master the English language. Recently on the intention to switch from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet was decided in Kazakhstan. What would it mean for those who would teach native language to an alien in a General alphabet, “MK” asked the expert.

photo: pixabay.com

In some countries in the transition to the Latin alphabet is invested with political meaning, explained to us the orientalist Alexander Hasanov, for example, in Turkey, one of the first Turkic countries switched to Latin letters at the initiative of Mustafa Kemal atatürk in 1928 (before that the Turks used the Arabic script), together with the transition in a foreign alphabet, disappeared, and many of the root words of Turkic, Persian.

Repeatedly “latinserviss” Azerbaijan: in 1920-ies there have switched to the Latin alphabet in the 1930s, the Cyrillic alphabet, and in the 1990s – again to Latin. Meanwhile, in Dagestan on the same language they write in Cyrillic. Linguistically, phonetically, and semantically the Latin alphabet suited to the languages of Turkic and Slavic groups and the transition to the Latin alphabet more difficult the language — especially if the second state language — as, for example, in Kazakhstan, it is planned to make English.

The Germanic languages, which include English, more difficult for total immersion (use in all spheres of life and activities) for the native speaker of a Turkic group. But if similar letters will be written and the words of the native language, it may happen that now is the place to be in India, where English is a second language are equal for all official procedures, and to communicate with each other citizens, to Express himself in different dialects. Speaking at the same time on two completely different languages, but when the style using an identical alphabets, the Indians gradually developed its own “hinglish” (mixed Hindi with primitive English) and cleverly it does not only communicate, but also write. Thus, they had their own linguistic “mix”, which the English themselves due to the peculiarities of pronunciation and written lexical tumors do not always understand. However, the documentation is not the case, it is stationery on basic English. About the same can occur in case of adoption of such decision with all who will draw in their writing a foreign alphabet. The paperwork and half of the vocabulary will be English and the people speak on language Newspeak: Kazakhs “Inglese” Azeris “aspire”, Ukrainian — “Acriche”.

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