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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ukraine began military exercises near the Crimea, in order to frighten tourists

The armed forces of Ukraine have decided to once again raise the tension along the border with the Crimea. 27 APR military separate motorized infantry brigade with operational command “South” conducted along the border with the Crimea military exercises: make a forced March from Nikolaev to Kherson region. By words a press-the officer of armed forces of Ukraine Igor Biryukov, the main task of the exercise is excercise “water treatment”.

photo: pixabay.com

Soldiers, who have to learn to cross the Dnieper with full ammo, after training, will go to the Donbass. Why learn to overcome water obstacles recruits APU, which then go to war in the new Russia, where the particular and swim then there is no place — Ukrainian command does not explain. Although the statements of the same Biryukova, no missile firings and exercises are not planned, and the border checkpoint will operate in normal mode, but this does not help anyone. Crimean authorities take the next Ukrainian military exercises as a provocation. According to a member of the government of the Republic of Zaur Smirnov, Kiev in the last month has held several military exercises using a variety of weapons and equipment.

“They are increasing military presence at our borders. We regard this as an attempt to create alarming situation on the Peninsula”, — said Smirnov.

In addition, in the Republic do not exclude that their actions Kiev wants to scare the tourists. However, Smirnov assured that the lives of tourists threatens nothing, as the Crimea is fully protected from both land and sea.

Military analyst and blogger Boris Rozhin told “MK”, what was the reaction of the Russian colleagues on the activity of Ukrainian counterparts.

– Ukraine conducts its exercises with two goals. First, like any other state, to improve combat readiness. Second, to increase the military tension on the border with Crimea. By the way, Ukrainian organisations do it all the time, not just the army. The SBU also conducts training and exercises close to the border checkpoints. Formally, they conduct exercises on its territory and that is their right. If they are not to encroach on the territory of the Russian Federation, including air space, then no problems will arise. To date, no visible prospects for the escalation of the conflict, but this does not mean that Russia will turn a blind eye to military exercises near its border. Classic enhanced intelligence, increased combat readiness of personnel and equipment in emergency mode start to act as border guards, air defence, FSB.

However, according to the analyst, the fact that Russian military and intelligence agencies have their fingers on the pulse and are in a state of high alert, does not speak about any serious intentions of Ukraine.

“I do not regard these teachings as something extraordinary. The peak of the tension has passed. The November statement of Ukraine about carrying out missile exercises in the sky over the Crimea have become a real climax. I don’t think something like that we will hear again” — suggests Rozhin.

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