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Friday, March 16, 2018

Okhlobystin called for the abolition of article 13 “hastily hastily made” of the Constitution

Popular Russian actor and former priest Ivan Okhlobystin has acted with a keynote speech about nothing short of the Constitution. According to have tried his hand at politics of the artist, the basic law of the country requires a serious revision in the area of 13 th article. More precisely, said Okhlobystin, it is necessary simply to cancel in the future and in the name of truth.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Article 13 of the Constitution recognizes the ideological diversity and prohibits the setting of any ideology as a state. And that’s bad, said Okhlobystin. In his opinion, the country needs a national idea, otherwise degradation, consumerism, and “blue lights” finally going to kill people.

People unequivocally support a family: we have something to teach children. From where the Motherland begins, what ends? Where to go, how come?” – Okhlobystin says in a column for RT.

“Commodity psychology sandpaper walked heart to heart. From citizens to consumers demoted. People sexaully. To live sick,” says the actor.

And if you get the idea, it may be a chance. “Maybe enrichment of officials and oligarchs all ends? Maybe in the New year without the infernal Gigolos on the screen meet. Maybe their dwelling without a mortgage slavery citizens will provide?” writes Okhlobystin.

Becomes quite clear how the ideology will kill the mortgage, but the author further develops the idea. Apparently, this refers to such a mechanism: the national idea will elevate the minds of the citizens, giving them the strength to fight for justice: “it will be possible to refer in opposition to us mortals, and holders of offshore accounts through which the budget passes. We can rightfully take naidanova bastard by the lapels and ask, “Tell me, brother, what power?””

Only that the notorious article 13 does not define “truth,” concludes Okhlobystin. He does not specify what exactly should be the saving idea – religious, secular, political? But I am firmly convinced that to amend the Constitution should and can be. Already made: “and the presidential term to ten years to roll over. Once I have offered from four to six to extend. Broken, pokapriznichat, comprehended without a personal relationship — and agreed to.”

“First, the money. Secondly, horses in midstream is not, – says Ivan Okhlobystin. – Thirdly, no good deed goes unpunished. I can’t complain. By comparison with presidents of the neighboring countries achieved a quick understanding of our advantages.”


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