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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The scientists explained why fat people find it difficult to build muscle

Experiments on mice the team of American scientists from the University of Augusta to find out why people having excessive fat mass is harder to gain mass muscle. Experts suggest the reason may be the excess protein called myostatin, which in the body of overweight people is usually more than the other.

photo: pixabay.com

In the experiment, scientists brought four different groups of mice — one was “skinny” and in their body were myostatin, the second also did not suffer from “overweight”, but myostatin, they have not been worked out, and others were “full” and produces myostatin, and the fourth is full and do not have this protein. All mice, which raised the experiment was to “practice”, and the scientists watched how quickly physical activity lead to the formation of muscle tissue.

Experiments have shown that myostatin plays a key role in how easy it is for mouse to build muscle. Researchers tend to assume that the same applies to people. However, as biologists remind, people have excess weight and excess levels of myostatin in the body is usually accompany each other.

Experts remind that obesity may become a prerequisite for the development of a number of health problems, including diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidney injury. According to the scientists, the suppression of the work of myostatin not only promotes a more efficient accumulation of muscle mass, but also helps to reduce some of these risks.

The results scientists reported in the framework held in Chicago, annual meeting of the American physiological community. The researchers admit that their data in the future will find application in medicine and is likely to contribute to the creation of a pill that prevents obesity.


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