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Friday, March 23, 2018

The crisis of irresponsibility Navalny and Khodorkovsky

The Russian opposition is in a deep crisis. Only it is connected not with low-trust “outside”. It is a crisis of irresponsibility “from the inside”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

A month ago, Navalny was unable to reconcile its “anti-corruption campaign” with the city, but still brought to the Central streets of Moscow a lot of people. Which, of course, automatically were administrative violations. Got into paddy wagons and police departments more than a thousand people, and the vast majority of senior students or Junior students. Well, they are gullible. They baton — Bulk PR.

And now the same manoeuvre wants to hold and “Open Russia” Khodorkovsky. The organizer of the nearest slaughter is the representative of Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Moscow, Maria Baronova. I don’t want to call the date and time this action is just not to advertise it and not to withdraw to the provocation of an additional portion of teenagers. But the plot will tell.

Baronova and his comrades sent to the mayoralty the notice on that will hold a rally for the resignation of President Putin with the participation of 10 thousand people in one of the Central squares of Moscow. The municipality replied that it authorizes this action, but not in this area. Because it is an important transport node, there is a 12 public transport, traffic which had to stop for the rally. In addition, the overlap of the intersections would violate the Central part of the city with other areas. Moreover, in this square just physically will not fit the declared number of participants. Therefore, the city administration proposed to transfer the action to a few kilometers on the Sakharov Avenue.

Sakharov Avenue! A place of worship for the opposition, the center of the mass protests of the XXI century! On this site for the rally could only dream of. But applicants this place is somehow not satisfied. What Maria and informed the city administration, saying that will hold a rally there, where he said, and, as they say, a centimeter will not yield… In the letter she referred to the fact that according to the law approval of the shares is of a notifying character. This, in General. But that same Federal law requires the authorities to make the rally safe for the citizens and allows transfer of the action to a more convenient location, Baronova didn’t mention.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Maria Baronova

The municipality continued correspondence with her and recalled what I just said. The last letter Baronova returned to the addressee with a note: “Your notice continues to be considered in force from the point at… not refuse.”

That is, they do not need to Khodorkovsky to Sakharov Avenue. And rally normal is not needed. They need a scandal, a provocation, mass arrests of boys and girls, paddy and traffic jams throughout the city.

But suddenly I don’t understand? Yes, I have these letters with postscripts, but to draw conclusions without personal contact with Baronova I could, so I called her.

— You are going to hold a rally at the place which is not coordinated with the city, or to make concessions — agree on Sakharov Avenue?

— I will be holding a rally there, where he said, I have that right. According to the Federal law №59 we can’t stop. We have been informed that they are aware of.

But according to the law the municipality may not authorize the action inconvenient for the citizens of the place and to offer an alternative. And so it was done…

And I can the government’s decision to challenge, so now are in the Khamovniki court complaint against the actions of the administration. And the action will carry out.

— But the court is quite long. There is a schedule, it just doesn’t have time to make a decision until your declared day of action…

My complaint against the actions of mayor he will consider sooner or later.

But before that you derived in an unauthorized rally will have time to get into the paddy wagons. You pity for them? How responsible of you?

In response — a short silence and then a busy signal hang up. Hung up on me. Offended.


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