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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Russia and the United States developed the options of sending tourists to the ISS and the moon

Different variants of flights of space tourists on the ISS and around the moon on a modernized Soyuz spacecraft already developed by partners from Russia and the United States, said the head of RSC Energia Vladimir Solntsev, answering the questions of RIA Novosti.

“The conclusion of a contract for commercial flights to ISS is a complicated job, depending on many factors. There is a discussion of terms of contracts with potential customers. The same applies to overflight of the moon — ready to work like tasks, and contracts. We worked with our partners various options for sending tourists to the ISS and to the moon, but the theme is decided not only by us alone and in partnership with other space powers, since in addition to technical and economic there is still legal and other issues”, — said the head of RSC Energia.

Previously, he said in an interview with RIA Novosti that an agreement on nine of the Russian ships “the Union” for the resumption of flights of space tourists to the ISS to 2021 is planned to be signed with one of the foreign companies. The sun made clear that negotiations in this direction are not only with the American’s ace Adventures, there are other proposals and among the new potential space tourists no Russians and public figures.

The selection of potential candidates on tourist flights into space since 2001 exclusive has been the company’s ace Adventures. The first space tourist was an American businessman of Italian origin Dennis Tito. He flew to the ISS on Board the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-32” in 2001.

The second space tourist was a businessman from South Africa, mark Shuttleworth, had flown to the ISS on 25 April 2002 (the mission ended on 5 may). Third space tourist, American multimillionaire Gregory Olsen (Gregory Olsen) — have visited the ISS from 1 to 11 October 2005.

The first space tourist was an American of Iranian origin Anoushe Ansari (Anousheh Ansari), who had been on Board the ISS 18-29 September 2006. She was a stand of Japanese space tourist Daisuke Enomoto, who was not allowed to fly for health reasons. Shuttleworth, Olsen, Ansari, and paid for a flight about 20 million dollars each.

The fifth space tourist has become one of the founders of Microsoft, a Hungarian-born American Charles Simonyi (Charles Simonyi) who visited the ISS twice. The first flight he made in the composition of the 15th expedition 7-21 April 2007. For the flight Simonyi paid more than their predecessors — $ 25 million. The second time he flew from 26 March to 8 April 2009, the composition of the 16th expedition of the visit. The cost of re-flight due to inflation and increasing costs of services increased to $ 35 million.

The sixth space tourist was American millionaire Richard Garriott (Richard Garriott). The flight took place from 12 to 24 October 2008. For space travel, Garriott paid about $ 30 million.

The seventh space tourist was a former circus artist, owner of Cirque du Soleil (circus of the Sun), the canadian guy Laliberte (Guy Laliberté), flew on 30 September -11 October 2009. According to unofficial information, he paid for his flight about 35 million dollars.

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