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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Necha “lean” to blame: Medvedev loses popularity, sociologists insist

People like Dmitry Medvedev’s much more than it shows a fresh poll, “Levada-center”. So, anyway, I guess surrounded by the Prime Minister. Medvedev’s press Secretary Natalya Timakova called the study of levadopa, the results of which are talking about the rapid decline in the popularity of the head of government, political order. Sociologists in debt left. The tenor of the statements: “Necha blame the mirror”. In General, the scandal erupted, and the chances that the parties will come to agreement, a small.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Recall that, according to a survey conducted by “Levada center” on April 7-10, the proportion of citizens fully trust the Prime Minister, has decreased over the year from 14 to 3 percent. The number of respondents who do not trust Medvedev, has increased from 14 percent to 19 percent. For the resignation of the current head of government in a measure — the “definitely” and “rather” — it has been 45 percent of respondents. Which is 13 percent more than in early 2016. Vs — 33 (last year — 49). And 9 percent of respondents Medvedev is even less. For comparison: five years ago, hostility to the Prime Minister, admitted only three percent of Russians.

It must be noted, incidentally, that this is not the most unpleasant for the premiere of “the voice of the people”, which today can be found. In the background, for example, a recent survey conducted on 21 April on a site “MK”, Lewandowska figures look quite complimentary. Positively the work of the government estimated only 5.03 percent of the more than 15 thousand took part in this study of visitors to the site. Almost 95 percent put Medvedev-led Cabinet rigid “unsatisfactory”, agreeing with the thesis that “life is getting worse.”

“It still cannot be called a survey because the methodology is not observed,” — says the data obtained by us sociologist “Levada-center” Karina Pipia. But for the accuracy of their warrants. Allegations of political bias made against the “Levada-the Centre” the press Secretary of the Prime Minister, the sociologist calls “unfounded” and “incomprehensible.”

“From our point of view, no special features in this survey compared with the previous no, — said Karina Pipiya. — Approval of activity of Dmitry Medvedev began to decline this month. It steadily has been declining for almost a year. As trust in other institutions. There was a period in 2014-2016, when the ratings rose sharply. But gradually the parameters return to “Dobrynska” level. Surprising and scandalous at the same time, in our opinion, no. This is a normal reaction of public opinion.”

Chef Karina Pipia, Director of “Levada-center” Lev Gudkov, expressed even more definitely. The statement of Medvedev’s press Secretary, called them “stupid position”. Gudkov expects Timakova an apology for the “false statement”.

But it is believed that to wait for the “Levada-center”, has “awarded” recently the status of a foreign agent, may completely different. The main thing — not who and how to vote, and who says, were told at the time of Stalin. Judging by the reaction of Medvedev’s entourage on Lewandowski survey, this Maxim is still valid to this day. And not only in the sphere of selective technologies.

Participate in an online survey “MK” on the topic “are You for or against sending Prime Minister Medvedev to resign?”


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