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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

NATO – not a society of philatelists: Shoigu appreciated the situation in Syria

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu today on the Sixth Moscow conference on international security, outlined the main threats and challenges existing in the world. “MK” quotes from his speech at the opening of the conference.

photo: kremlin.ru

On the suppression of terrorism and the situation in Syria

Today, the forefront of confrontation “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) is Syria.

Here are concentrated the main strength of this organization and from here we manage gangs.

Therefore, the Russian leadership made the decision to give the legitimate government of Syria with military assistance in the fight against ISIS.

After the liberation of Aleppo potential terrorists has been substantially undermined.

The Syrian armed forces with the support of the Russian space forces continue to strike at ISIL and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra.

Thanks to the Russian Center for conciliation of the warring parties, the leaders of a thousand settlements throughout the country abandoned the armed struggle with government forces.

Concerted action by Russia, Iran and Turkey, who acted as the guarantors of the truce in Syria has allowed in the framework of the Astana forum to establish a direct dialogue between the armed opposition and the Syrian government.

I note that the agreements reached on the introduction of fighting in some areas has been generally observed.

In addition, the joint efforts of the three countries failed to break the deadlock on the question of the delimitation on the ground “dzhebhat an-Nusra” and “constructive” opposition.

Let me stress that the year of negotiations with representatives of the former us administration’s positive results did not give.

Today, the priority in Syria is becoming a political settlement and the country’s return to civilian life.

Here it is necessary to exclude the mistakes made in Afghanistan and Iraq due to lack of international attention to the domestic political processes in these countries and their recovery.

You should develop a comprehensive strategy for joint action in liberated areas.

Its main elements should be:

– the fight against the spread of the ideology of ISIS;

development of a new Constitution;

– ensuring the needs of the population through humanitarian assistance and restore economic life.

– mine clearance.

Note that the detachment of the Russian Center for humanitarian demining found and neutralized almost all explosive items in ancient Palmyra.

Before the Russian and Syrian troops have cleared more than a thousand hectares of residential areas in Eastern Aleppo.

However, the work of sappers in a country still very much.

I hope that the mine action Service United Nations UNMAS will soon connect to the solution of this problem.

Offer to form a coalition of interested countries that could contribute to the mine sites in Syria.

In addition, we consider it expedient to create a Fund to Finance specialized commercial companies to be involved in such work.

We believe that coordinated action by international organizations will reduce the time to clear the country of explosive remnants of war.

We hope that during the conference you will hear other constructive suggestions. We are ready to introduce colleagues with the findings in Syria the experience of the organization of aviation Air and space forces of Russia taking into account specifics of tactics used by terrorists. Russian weapons and military equipment in difficult conditions showed significant high combat capabilities.

With regard to the humanitarian situation in Syria.

In many parts of the otherwise disastrous situation call.

The Russian military almost daily deliver and distribute among the population of humanitarian aid.

We thank the partners who responded to our appeal and has provided humanitarian assistance to the Syrian Arab Republic.

Russian military cooperation with the regional offices of the International Committee of the red cross and the UN.

This allows political preference to help those in need across the country.

Local residents receive medical care. More than six months in Aleppo function Russian mobile hospitals.

More than 12 thousand Syrians have received treatment. This work will certainly continue.

About relations with the U.S. on Syria

A long time did not leave attempts to establish cooperation on Syria with the US and the coalition led by them. However, a complete understanding is to achieve and failed.

In 2015, signed a Memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the airspace of Syria, aimed at preventing conflict in air operations. As you know, its use was suspended by Russia after the impact of American cruise missiles at Syrian airport shirt.

Rocket attack estimated as a gross violation of international law, moreover, Washington’s actions have threatened the lives of our soldiers, who are in Syria fighting terrorism. Such steps require us to take additional measures to ensure the safety of personnel of the Russian forces.

However, if the United States really aimed at the elimination of the “Islamic state” in the country, we are ready to support their efforts.

Today, the spread of ISIS is not just limited to Syria and Iraq.

Allegiance to the “Islamic state” armed groups swear on the vast territory from Libya to West Africa.

Much of the success of terrorists due to the lack of results on the stabilization of the situation in Libya, where national statehood was destroyed by the collective efforts of the West.

Today, this region requires careful attention and support from the structurally oriented political and military forces.

“NATO is a military-political bloc, not a society of philatelists”

In the Sixth program of the Moscow conference included the topic of European security, its discussion should also be pursued in the context of the fight against international terrorism. The joint actions of all interested parties, including Russia, need to develop effective counter-terrorism strategy. However, instead of striving to unite the efforts of modern Europe cultivates anti-Russian phobia, fear-mongering and the alleged threat from the East.

Intimidation of the population and substitution of concepts distorts the real situation.

I would like to emphasize that Russia’s actions for strengthening the defense are balanced response to the expansion of NATO, the development of military infrastructure in the border States, accommodation in tents for their troops.

NATO is a military-political bloc, not a society of philatelists.

He leads a course on projection forces near the Russian border, involving in its orbit of influence of new States.

Final decisions on admission into the Alliance in Montenegro – a direct proof.

The military potential of Podgorica close to zero, however, the geographical position allows you more control over the Balkans.

The same promotion of the military infrastructure of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is happening in the Arctic.

In the North of Norway, close to the Russian border, created a modern landfill, which is on a rotating basis, house the NATO contingents.

Activities in the framework of the “police” aircraft of the NATO mission to patrol the Baltic airspace has actually become part of the so-called zone access restrictions, covering Kaliningrad oblast and the Eastern part of the Baltic sea.

Consider such actions of NATO as a demonstration of the power of promoting their interests in the discussion evropeyskoy security has repeatedly raised the issue of the importance of compliance to prevent incidents in airspace and sea.

Believe these agreements are important right now, when confidence level is at extremely low levels.

We regret that the initiative of the President of Finland about the flights of military aircraft over the Baltic sea enabled transponders, supported by Russia, were ignored by NATO.

On security in the world is affected by the capacity building missile defense in Europe.

Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Spain and Norway are already involved practically in the work on location of the terrestrial and marine components of the missile defense of the United States. In 2017 is the 45th anniversary of the signing of the ABM Treaty.

Despite the exit of Washington from it unilaterally, the document still remains relevant.

The decision of the USSR and the USA to sign the Treaty confirms that the deployment of missile defenses is a destabilizing factor, lowering the threshold of use of nuclear weapons.

The founding act of the NATO – Russia signed 20 years ago, also makes us think about how to revive his key thesis: “NATO and Russia do not consider each other as adversaries, and aims to overcome the remnants of the former confrontation and rivalry.”

Recently observed certain changes in the views of Brussels, the building of relationships with Russia.

Today, Europe is interested in establishing the basis for moving forward in rebuilding trust.

Increasingly, there are voices on the need to resume dialogue, the futility of sanctions pressure. Look forward to a constructive dialogue during the Conference.

Specific proposals for the restoration of cooperation was voiced by Russian experts in July last year and remain on the agenda of the negotiations.

The first step towards a rapprochement could be a threat assessment, which identifies trends in military doctrines and military construction.

Ready to discuss these issues at the expert level. The word for the Alliance.

You need to stop scaring Russia themselves and begin to build relationships.


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