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Friday, January 19, 2018

Lugansk left not only without light, but without water

First staged in Kiev Lugansk Republic blackout, and today in mass media there is information that can turn off and water. Ukrainian politicians justify their decision by the fact that they are forced to do so for economic reasons. They say that there is no politics here. We would be happy not to leave people without electricity and water, yeah hurts the self-proclaimed Republic large debts to utilities. But, according to Vladislav Deinego, an authorized representative LNR at the talks in Minsk, Lugansk no longer receives water from the Ukrainian side. Turned it off at the beginning of April.

photo: pixabay.com

– Today at the meeting of the Minsk group discussed the issue of turning off the water?

– The problem of water supply is regularly discussed, once resumed the work of the Minsk group. Small progress is already there, but to talk about a major breakthrough that is not necessary. All about the payment mechanism, or rather in his absence. Yet Kiev is not satisfied with the transport blockade, we pay for water and electricity coming from the other side, charcoal. But as soon as the supply of coal from the Donbass stopped, immediately began to grow the debt. For Kiev this is a way of manipulation and blackmail. Under camera Kiev politicians say: we are ready to seek constructive solutions to problems, we are ready to engage in dialogue. And in fact, they cover us all channels for calculations to be able to close the valve and leave the population without water.

Ukrainian Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik said today that the issue of water supply have so far only discussed, but actually how?

– Water, we are cut off regularly. In 2016, LNR remained without water for 5 months, in 2017, if you add up all the periods of disconnection, also collected a few “dry” months.

– And now the water there?

– No, in the beginning of April off.

– How do you deal with that?

– Bring water, use all local sources of water, but the water shortage is certainly being felt. Particularly acute in the city of Pervomaisk. It is located on the line of contact, before there were more than 40 thousand people, now there are not more than 15 thousand. But no matter how many people there now remained, to leave them without water is inhuman! Therefore, work is being done in all directions, while business executives are addressing the technical problem how to put in dewatered areas the supply of drinking water. We’re in talks in Minsk trying to force Ukrainian politicians to engage in constructive dialogue, and not to engage in politicking.

The talks in Minsk. Chronicle of events

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