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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Expert: “Ukraine will not have time to buy American coal, it will collapse sooner”

Ukraine figured out where to buy coal for its thermal power plants. Fuel in the “square” will deliver in the literal sense of the ocean. This is stated in the press release of “Naftogaz”. The company proudly announced that the Executive Director of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev in conjunction with the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry discussed possible deliveries of coal to Ukrainian territory.

photo: pixabay.com

About the cost of coal, as well as on the cost of delivery from the North American continent one ocean and two seas, in the release wisely not mentioned. But, really, the Ukrainian economic genius is unmatched. To block delivery of coal from the nearby DNR and LNR, to ban the import of fuel from Russia to buy it in another continent half as much — winners of the IG Nobel prize bitterly crying in a corner. Well, in the end, if people have nowhere to put the money, why not buy American coal. However, as we know, Ukraine does not belong to the countries that can afford to throw Finance. Unless it’s some sort of regular scheme with “sawing”. Like, we’ll with IMF loans will help, and you give us of these, for the coal will pay.

What is the meaning of these agreements, “MK” explained the former head of the State Commission for regulation of financial services of Ukraine Vasily VOLGA:

Yesterday in Kiev there was another interesting press conference, which was held by capital metro. The essence of the briefing was the fact that due to lack of money the Kiev metro is on the verge of a full stop. The Metropolitan lost the court suppliers of cars, which can not pay for delivered rolling stock. Need a huge amount of money. And because the risk of stopping is real. This suggests that the money is in Ukraine. Legal.

While on the streets of Kiev you can see a huge number of expensive machines which are touring numerous figures. This is the money that Ukraine receives, plundering the American aid that goes to war. These funds are cashed out and into the pockets of the participations of citizens. But the whole infrastructure of Ukraine do not have money. This statement of “Naftogaz” on the purchase of American coal is irrelevant to the economy. It relates solely to politics. Naturally, this coal will be significantly more expensive than that supplied DNR and LNR. And of course all of this ultimately will affect the consumer.

But the question is not even that. I got the impression that the infrastructure of Ukraine is left to exist on the strength of six months. So we won’t have time to buy this American coal. The first frosts, which will come in the autumn, will show that the infrastructure in the country no longer exists. Just put it on the scales two situations: the subway, which is closed, and the coal that we will buy somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Everything is very clear. In connection with this recall in advance of your expected appointment as Prime Minister of the Polish Balcerowicz, who spent some wonderful economic reforms in the country.

In fact, this is nonsense, of course. Poland, just, honestly used the assistance of the European Union. Balcerowicz has prepared for Ukraine advice on how to carry out economic reforms. He said: if you find me a gas that you can buy for the same price as in Russia, if you find coal, which can be bought for the same price as in the Donbass, and if you ensure the urgent repair of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants, then I will come to you and make you reform. Unfortunately, for existence of Ukraine it the necessary energy only from Russia and only from the Donbass. Only this can save the remaining sectors of the Ukrainian economy that they collapsed. As is now collapsing steel industry, automotive, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and the space industry. Failure to address these issues destroy the country completely.


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