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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trump called the Senate “on the carpet” to deal with North Korea

The President of the United States Donald trump invited the higher chamber of Congress to the White house for an emergency meeting to discuss the nuclear test of North Korea. Earlier the President declared that firmly intends to “finally solve” the problem of the DPRK. Yet, the presidential administration involved only diplomatic methods, particularly trying to persuade China to put pressure on a troubled neighbor. But do not rule out a military solution to the issue. The senators, meanwhile, are wondering: why Trump would want to call itself a hundred people, rather than to visit the Capitol?

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In an emergency briefing invited to participate all one hundred senators and the Secretary of state’s Rex Tillerson, and the head of the Pentagon James Mattis. Usually such meetings are not held in the White house that there are problems with the training facilities, large enough and protected from eavesdropping. In the Capitol such facilities is, therefore, the head of the White house or his messengers tend to visit congressmen. Although it is impossible to name the event being planned is unprecedented, and it happens rarely.

On Monday, the trump has already met with delegates from the member countries of the UN security Council. “The status quo in North Korea is unacceptable and the Council must be ready to impose further and tougher sanctions on North Korea’s missile and nuclear program, the President said at the meeting. — North Korea is a big problem, and we finally have to solve it”.

China is concerned about the prospect of escalation of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula. Chinese President XI Jinping on Sunday called Trump and called to “avoid steps that would increase tension.” USA we to convince China to impose tougher sanctions against neighboring North Korea, because trade with China means a lot to the economy of the DPRK. In this case, trump could record the asset in its successful fight against nuclear weapons and avoid higher costs.

North Korea, meanwhile, is the nuclear tests conducted artillery fire, which was timed to the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Korean people’s army. On 16 April, the DPRK also attempted to test ballistic missiles, but they failed.

“At the moment, will prevail diplomatic approach to solving the North Korean problem, — has shared with “MK” research fellow, Center for North American studies, IMEMO ran Alexander Borisov. — First of all, because the United States now has other, far more serious problems associated with domestic politics. To get involved in another major conflict for trump would be superfluous. So I do not see serious preconditions for the escalation. The hype around this theme is created mainly in the American media. Creating notorious external threat, the President can simply raise their ratings.

Inviting senators to the White house, trump stressed the uniqueness, the abundance of the provisions that require the mobilization of society around the President. It is very important fashion factor, so this step can be called symbolic. Traditionally, in foreign policy, the U.S. President has a little more features than in the interior, so trump here there is an opportunity to show himself as a decisive leader”.

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