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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Thousands of residents of Ashgabat have lost their homes due to renovation before the Asian games

From 17 to 27 September in the capital of Turkmenistan Ashkhabad will host the 5th Asian games in the closed rooms and on martial arts. The Asian games will be attended by 62 States in Asia and Oceania. With nothing to bother foreign guests, the authorities of the Republic has decided to expel from the capital all the beggars, prostitutes, alcoholics and drug addicts, as well as to carry the poor suburbs of the city. That’s the renovation of the capital in the Turkmen way.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

For each caught “asocial elements” the police give 125 manats ($36), which turns the event into a real hunt. First of all, the security forces searched the cellars and attics of apartment houses, as they can hide the homeless and persons suffering from drug addiction. Police are also interested in prostitutes. All detainees are sent to the Dashoguz narcological dispensary, where they can only go after the Asian games.

In Dashkhovuz people are waiting for expired medicines, lack of food and total lack of sanitation. Breakfast there consists of semolina porridge on the water, slices of bread and tea without sugar. For dinner give soup consisting of water, a pair of macaroni, beets, potatoes and millet. For supper we have bread and tea. In each chamber are in the 10-11 people and bed linen is infested with lice and bedbugs. It is not surprising that his patients go to another world due to “heart failure”.

In addition, the police catch those who, in their opinion, dressed very poorly. If it turns out that they have no Metropolitan residence, they must pay a fine of 500 manat and returned immediately to his home. However, the police can release an illegal immigrant for a bribe of AZN 100. As reported by Turkmen opposition media, every day in Ashgabat catch hundreds of violators. This is not surprising, considering that the unofficial unemployment in the country reaches 60%.

The government of Turkmenistan not only expel people from the capital, but also the demolition of entire residential areas on the outskirts of Ashgabat, is notable for its poverty. Demolition went Choganly towns and shore, as well as urban areas of Drywall and Khitrovo, which were home to tens of thousands of people.

I must say, the cleaning of the city from undesirable elements on the eve of an international event is not an invention of the Turkmen authorities, and only “improved” the experience of the Soviet Union. “In preparation for the 1980 Olympics before security services have set the task to find all the parasites, and we, of course, said he will do it without problems. But in practice it turned out that many of them have long replaced the place of residence and find them to be not as easy as it seemed at first. As for the dissatisfied with the eviction, such was not. Muscovites were happy that they were rid of unwanted neighbors, moved no one asked for”, — told “MK” about the experience of 1980, Alexander Mikhailov, General-major of FSB of a stock, a member of the Council on foreign and defense policy.

However, as told “MK” the ex-Minister of horse breeding of Turkmenistan, the President of International expert center for Yanardag, geldi Kariz, the inhabitants of modern Ashgabat react to eviction otherwise:

— People are scared and can’t resist. The only exception was the demolition of the village Soganli located to the North from Ashgabat. The authorities were worried that guests of the Asian games will see a shack when their plane will land in the capital of Turkmenistan. Mass protests of local residents are unable to save a village, but in clashes with police killed a woman.

As for kicked out from Ashgabat homeless people, most of them ex-prisoners who are unable to find a job after release. In addition, many of them Russian-speaking. Many holders of dual citizenship was left without a passport. While they are healthy, can earn in construction, but after the injury or the onset of old age they have bomzhevat.


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