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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The politician explained short may holidays the fear of “losing” officials

May holidays again will be “curves”. It seems to be more than a decade, but in practice anywhere really impossible to go away. Because in the middle of this wonderful holiday of spring woven, like a fly in honey, four working days.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We rest Saturday, April 29, to Monday, may 1 is celebrated as a holiday of labor and spring. The second “series” stretched already for four days, from Saturday, may 6, through Tuesday, may 9. And in a break — be kind to the favorite work.

This, of course, is very symbolic, because we live in Russia, in the country of patching, and middle of the road is sure to be a hole. Well the national tradition. If to get away from such symbolism, almost no one is clear why break up the may holidays, while opinion polls show: the majority of Russians asked to cut pesky winter holidays and to throw a couple of days of them at the beginning of the Villa and beach seasons. But this year the new year holidays have reduced even for a day, but that day has not thrown for may and February. Where is the logic?

A drop of history. During the Soviet era holidays for adults was not. 31 December working day — January 1 closed January 2 all are waiting for the factories. April 30 work day — may 1 the output (and conditional output, as in the demonstration to go) — on 2 may rest and to work. And so on.

Perhaps the most notable achievement of the Russian government after the collapse of the Soviet Union began spring break for adults. But the battle to move more output from January to may has been going on for years and did not win. In the talk-show policies answer the question “why?” monotonously: “If you give people too many days off in may, they, sorry, drink”. Illogical. Who wants to — and so he will drink too much, no holidays. But even if the policies are right, then it is better not to drink in January when you can freeze on the street, and safe from this point of view may.

State the logic on this account of “MK” asked to explain to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan.

– Children’s winter holidays in the Soviet era has brought a lot of trouble, because parents worked, and the students were left to themselves, were left unattended. With the exception of those who went to winter camp.

After the Soviet collapse, these camps became less, they were not available for all. And there is a very large question mark: what children will do, can we ensure the normal relax mode and basic safety during the winter holidays? Therefore, the initial motive was to give parents the winter vacation with children. So they stayed together, vacationed together.

But in the conversation about how to extend the may holidays, there is a reason. People are longing for warmth, for the country… But, hand on heart, if we subtract the days from the winter break, then float the questions I just raised. Probably, it is necessary to seek a compromise solution that would have made the may holidays more meaningful, not leaving children unattended in the winter.

— But why that day, which was plucked from the winter break this year, added to February, not may?

Here we come to the second side of the coin. Vacation still apply more on officials and public servants. People engaged in business, generally, can define a vacation. Or to take three days off to holiday vacation turned out continuous.

But “lose” all the bureaucracy for a decade in may, it would be restless. And who will do well, at least the organization of festive events on may 9? And they go all over the country, and this track — you need to work to get out. This mass gathering of people, and the trade regime should provide, and the transportation system to adjust. Government can not “fall out” for a long time at this time.

“The best scheme for holidays which would suit all, can not think, but we will look,” says the Senator.

Oh and one more detail that did not mention the head of the Committee. This year we will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the may decrees of Putin, who did not want to happen. But the report occurs annually, so the sovereign’s people in these days go to work to be sure. And let the rest decide to take time off or follow them.

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