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Friday, February 23, 2018

The alleged killer Nemtsov: “Professionalism in me was not one of patriotism”

Drank “good water” and therefore gave the confession in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov commented on the video of his interrogation two years ago the alleged killer Zaur Dadaev. The materials of this interrogation on Tuesday, April 25, showed the jury at the Moscow district military court.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Day Mouse began with a disturbing appearance in the hallway of the court one of the accused, Tamerlan eskerhanova, Bouncing on one leg. Bailiffs, having picked up under the arms on both sides, literally carried him into the courtroom. As it turned out, he somehow managed to damage the ligaments. However, the man never complained and stayed calm almost the entire meeting.

As to procedural matters, on this day, the prosecution decided to present to jurors a video of the interrogation of the alleged shooter – Zaur Dadaev. Before that, the Prosecutor Maria Semenenko in MIC, well-modulated voice, read out a written “transcript” of the testimony Dadaeva.

Of them indicated that he decided on the murder of a politician after one of his get-togethers with friends in the restaurant “Teahouse” in the Mall “European” in mid-January 2015. On offense Dadayev went “for the sake of Allah”, as the opposition allegedly was going to spread the controversial publication of the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” in Russia. Ran the entire company a “Rusik”. He also provided a vehicle for surveillance of the politician and the gun, which was left in the vehicle. With Dadaev first watched and then helped to implement plans Anzor Gubashev and blown up by a grenade during the arrest of Beslan Shavanov.

– 10-11 January, I arrived in Moscow, met with boys, friends… the Conversation was about the publish about the prophet, a question arose that how to make. The number of 13-th was found in “European”. Started to follow. Until February 27,… – read testimony Dadaeva attorney.

In two ways is the situation with the payment of “work” Dadaeva. On the one hand, the man almost swear that he committed the murder freely, “for God’s sake”. On the other hand “Rusik” he promised again, “for the sake of Allah”, transfer of five million rubles to the account Dadaeva. The same amount was supposed to and its partners. A total of 15 million rubles.

-The money I didn’t ask, didn’t receive, I think the money is dirty, said two years ago in the office of the investigator Krasnov main defendant in the case, adding that if in that moment knew exactly what not get the money, you still would have made a plan.

He also clarified the situation with a murder scene. As it turned out, Nemtsov was going to shoot in any convenient place where there would be too many people. February 27 this place was Big Moskvoretsky bridge…

He (Boris Nemtsov — ed.) came out of the tavern… no one had in mind that he will go to the side of the bridge, along the embankment opposite the Kremlin… it was done because there were no people. Wanted to avoid this, – said Dadayev.

The companion policy Anna Duritskaya killer Nemtsov did not touch it – do not want innocent victims. In the back of the opposition first, he fired three bullets. When I saw that he fell and tried to get up, was finished three shots.

After he got on the phone to their accomplices, who arrived at the murder scene by car. With them he traveled a bit, got out, hitched a ride, then another and on the third finally made it to Fan, 3. In the night there came the patrol-guard service and Savenow. About the incident, they did not say.

– The fact that a man was killed we are not proud of. Proud, that the Messenger stood up, – read the testimony Dadaeva attorney.

Later, in the same study investigator, Dadaev said that he is “Not a killer, not custom”.

– …Professionalism in me was not one of patriotism and heroism… – generated shooter.

The gun that was shot a politician, Dadaev brought in the Fan. The next day a blond man from the “Boy” came and took it from Dadaeva. How about the future of weapons and the personality of the young person Dadaeva nothing could not explain.

After the Prosecutor finished reading the testimony, the jury was shown the video of this interview, made on March 8, 2105.

Two years after it was recorded this video, in Mouse, Dadaev has angrily denied all what he said:

You my as saw? You me as have ever seen? commented on the defendant. Man after a good drinking of water is sitting and driving, driving… I am ashamed of this video, which I’m under some pressure – voiced the suspicions of many Dadaev.

And really, the first thing that caught my eye in the video Dadaev behaves very strange: he is clearly agitated, actively gesticulates, talks fast and confusing. However, this does not prevent to understand that Dadaev familiar to many details of the crime.

When at the end of the interrogation, the investigator asked him the attendant question was whether Dadaeva pressure that suddenly began to nervously twitch leg and eyes began to wander around the room. However, the response received was negative.

By the way, in court Dadev explained that in the video, his nose, ears broken, torn sleeve jacket. Moreover, during the interrogation, the Dada tried to gesticulate to the video hit his broken arm.

At the end of the meeting between Tamerlan by Eskerhanova and judge a serious conflict. The defendant requested permission not to appear in court because of sore feet. The judge also referred to the doctors who examined him and found no reason for which you can skip the meeting. Apparently, all this time suffered the pain, the accused lit up like a match. Having said all that thinking about justice, Eskerkhanov took off a sock, showed a bandaged ankle. The judge leaving the room, promised to think how to punish eskerhanova for a sharp word, which he was awarded.

– Yes, even hang! – shouted the defendant.

The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov. Chronicle of events

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