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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Not Bulk same: the Prosecutor General Chaika has estimated the damage from corruption

It would be unfair to assume that corruption in Russia is fighting one Alexei Navalny with his Fund. Most recently, this social plague Putin said: “the Real fight against corruption must be distinguished from self-promotion”. And on April 25, the weighty word in the report to Council of Federation and said the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The Minister that as the forces and opportunities struggling with this octopus, said that last year the damage from corruption crimes in the country exceeded $ 87 billion. And that, despite all the efforts of the authorities to defeat this evil, the level of corruption over the past year increased by 1.4 %., the total number of crimes of this kind amounted to almost 33 thousand.

In particular, at the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia in 2016 abroad were arrested assets for 900 million euros of which accounts for 600 million and real estate – 300 million Euro. At the current exchange rate that amounts to more than 60 billion rubles, the report said.

Called the “heroes” of corruption investigations. In Switzerland blocked 35 million euros in the accounts Evgeniya puzikova and Andrew Torunova convicted of embezzlement of funds of JSC “MOESK” in especially large size. There’s also blocked 1.8 million euros belonging to the accused in the fraud Vasily Smirnov, 12 million Swiss francs in the accounts of the former Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexei Bazhanov, who is accused of embezzlement of funds of “Rosagroleasing” and a number of Russian banks.

In General, this list can go on and on. On hearing public a high-profile case of Colonel Zakharchenko, in whose apartment was found as much as 8 billion rubles in different currencies, and the former Minister of Finance of Moscow region Alexey Kuznetsov, who “threw” the Moscow budget for the 3 to 4 billion rubles.

So I want to ask: how long? “The real struggle”, to which we are called by the President, and that equals the fight against corruption to combating terrorism, and yet ineffective. Was emerging in recent years, the trend of reducing the level of corruption, as stated in the report of the attorney General, did not reflect the true scale of saersene such acts in view of their high latency. Simply put, the real scope and magnitude of a hidden from the eyes of taxpayers.

Not surprisingly, the corruption perception index, Russia ranks only 131 th place in the world, next to Iran, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. There is a system of counting bribes, cronyism and other corruption, it is a 100-point scale: the lower the score, the greater the corruption.

According to this ranking, the best things in Denmark — 90 points and she is the honorary first place. Worst of all (10 points) – in Somalia, of which 176. Russia is not very far removed from this African state, typing in his piggy Bank . 29 points

A panacea for disease specific recipe, the attorney General is not offered, so we turned to the experts.

– Corruption of the world was in all ages and in all times, in any civil society – said Konstantin KOSTIN, Chairman of the Foundation for civil society development.- Just the authorities should make sure that it does not interfere with the development of the economy. In Russia in this respect – one of the best legislations in the world. The important thing is not the severity of punishment, and its inevitability, more attention should be paid to prevention of such crimes. And this mechanism is valid, that is recognized even by the enemies of Russia in some countries. “Grey schemes” pick” not only law enforcement, but the Russian popular front, and the public chamber…

– If we have such good legislation, why not subside scandals, why is the economy not growing?

– In Russia there is no system of economic development, it is not created! In China, where corruption shot, the damage from such crimes is estimated in billions of dollars. But the pace of development of the economy several times higher than in Norway, where corruption is almost there. It is not only and not so much in corruption. Need a program, even in the 90 years we had different approaches, alternatives: and Gaidar, and from Saburov, and Yavlinsky. Today we are told that any concept of write what Sergei Glazyev, Alexei Kudrin. But where are their innovations? In addition, the country needs to raise the retirement age, from them we hear nothing.

Different opinion of Andrey NECHAYEV, former Minister of economy of the Russian Federation, “Yeltsin’s appeal”, the Chairman of the party “Civil initiative”:

– If in our society believe that corruption is thriving, so the fight against it is not effective. Loud specific “landing” of the officials — this is, after all, special cases, which do not line up in a coherent chain. The whole fight in some unknown way, a long journey knocking on people close to power. To truly succeed on this way, we must say that all are equal before law, should not be untouchable figures. The second point is to reduce the role of the state in managing the economy, reduce the activities of officials authorizing, distributing, and others to a minimum. Disappear very possible to get away with fraud. The third important point to strengthen public oversight, increase the number of civil society institutions. While such structural attempts the country has not seen.

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