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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

North Koreans missile scare of the 70-ies

British newspaper Daily Star “broke out a loud,” news: U.S. plans tests of Intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman-3, which is capable of reaching the territory of the DPRK. Information was picked up by other publications, not really thinking about the fact that this “sensation” actually no news-and is not.

photo: youtube.com

Information about tests of the missile, apparently based on the statement of the head of the upcoming launch of Colonel John moss, who is not particularly hide the fact that this launch, which will be produced April 26, with a U.S. air force base Vandenberg in California, it really is demonstrative.

True Colonel at that, unlike the media, not pedaling, the term “test”. He only said that “this start-up needed to check the status of our national nuclear forces and to demonstrate our nuclear potential.” And it is much more like the truth, reflecting the real situation with the nuclear Arsenal of the United States.

We’re used to that when we are talking about trials, from the standpoint of the layman, it is always associated with some kind of novelty or deep modernization. And in this case — and this Colonel says honestly — we are talking only about “checking status”, but at the same time, apparently, and the demonstration of nuclear capabilities of the United States. They, by the way, and no one really doubts, unconditionally recognizing US power, which has the largest nuclear capacity in the world. However, the fact that this potential is rather old, too, for anybody not a secret. This applies to the missile Minuteman-3.

This Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is in service with the US air force already since 1970, and will be before 2020. It is the only land-based ICBMs in the Arsenal of the nuclear forces of the United States. Minuteman-3 are based in the mines at airbases Malmstrom (Montana), im. Francis Warren (Wyoming) and the air base in Minot (North Dakota). Only the US has 450 of these missiles, which carry approximately 550 nuclear warheads.

These missiles are constantly moderniziriruyutsya. For example, from 2007 to 2012 they would be replaced warheads, engines and guidance systems. Naturally, after such changes require the launches to test missile in action, and confirm the extension of their operation. That’s what happens periodically.

On June 16, 2010 was conducted successful launch to verify the reliability and accuracy of the guidance systems of missiles. Then Minuteman-3 the U.S. air force allowed from Vandenberg air force base at a target in the area of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific ocean, which was located at a distance of 6,7 thousand in km.

In June 2011, launched a Minuteman-3 from Vandenberg air force base in California. But he was not entirely successful. The rocket was supposed to take the command to launch from the aircraft Boeing E-6 Mercury. However, the signal rocket “not heard”. I had to duplicate it from the ground, after which the missile was launched and destroyed a target on the Kwajalein Atoll.

In July of the same year, the test was repeated and again failed. In the sixth minute of flight the rocket is much deviated from the set parameters and had to be destroyed over the Pacific ocean in the district of the Marshall Islands.

This time is expected on April 26 with the U.S. air force base in California start also aims, to quote Colonel moss, on “check the status of our national nuclear forces.” So and here is the DPRK? In principle, could be nothing to do with, if not trump, and so urgently necessary for him to “demonstrate nuclear potential.”


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