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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ukrainians demanded to tear Yushchenko’s apiary and to return to the national Bank

On the website of the presidential administration of Ukraine there was a petition with a proposal to return ex-President of the “independence” of Viktor Yushchenko in a political cage. He offered to give the post of head of the national Bank, which soon will release Valeria Gontareva, already has filed a resignation.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

That the best head of the NBU, and not to think, said several political experts. According to expert Andrew Novak, “It would be a positive signal to the financial markets if this position went back a man who has already proved that he can give a positive result.” He reminded that under Leonid Kuchma, Yushchenko was head of the national Bank and in difficult conditions when it was difficult to find the loans still have sought to bring into the country money. In addition, it is Yushchenko in 1996, was a co-author of monetary reform in Ukraine. But will the President appoint as his godfather and former patron? After all, their relationship is still in autumn 2005, ran a “black cat”, when the head of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has dismissed Petro Poroshenko, the then head of the national security Council, on charges of corruption…

However, Viktor Yushchenko himself is not eager to return to big politics. Especially on such a hectic post as the head of the national Bank. It’s one thing to lead the main financial institution of the country having sufficient tax resources and favorable loans from both the West and Russia. Another thing to try to raise funds the meager taxes from non-performing companies huge credit debt and the harsh conditions of the IMF that the Fund specifies each time before allocating the next, not too generous tranche. Want Yushchenko to change his peaceful semi-retirement existence for a position that would bring him nothing but headaches? How to talk to people who know of Viktor Yushchenko, the man he is not too ambitious, and even spineless. In his time in the presidency he was offered a number of reasons — he was considered “his”, well-controlled figure in the US state Department, moreover it takes care of the wife is American. But for five years he was able to completely destroy the achievements of the “Orange revolution”- is due to the fact that it is much more interesting to deal with collecting objects Ukrainian life, than to engage in tedious nation building.

Now, as the presidential pension, Yushchenko was finally able to devote himself to what had dreamed all his life — he’s been collecting, agriculture and apiary. Live Viktor is 39 km from Kiev in the village of New bezradichi, where a three-storey house. Journalists who visited the ex-President last year, saying that it’s not just housing, but the whole estate. On the area of 3.5 hectares are farm, garden, pond, carpentry, windmills, beehives….And, of course, the house itself, part of which is given over to a full-fledged Museum of folk art.

And the former President himself likes to farm: he puts the bow, he cuts the trees, showing off a crop of potatoes and cuts on the tractor in the grounds, dressed in a plaid shirt. In land free from worries time, the ex-President thinks about humanitarian issues. He has a dream – ” to take up the formation of a humanitarian package for the Ukrainian nation, where would the archive of the President, presidential library, Museum.”. Now he is thinking about how to make his extensive library available to the public and free. In addition, it builds the Museum-house of Taras Shevchenko in their sketches. And still loves to visit the flea market on the Left Bank. Somehow the former President walked in there the journalists: Viktor was sitting at the counter with embroidered. The reporters decided that the former head of state is so impoverished that he was forced to sell odds and ends. However, it later emerged that as an ardent collector, Yushchenko periodically visited by at this antique market, where looking for new exhibits for his collection. Change something, buys something, sells something. Not so long ago bought at this flea market another towel for $ 500. So that means the ex-President is clearly not in need, though his official retirement is only $ 300. Well, why did he change his calm, measured and quite well-fed life on the nervous head of the national Bank?


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