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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tillerson put Poroshenko into place and told me to deal with corruption

The results of telephone conversation of US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson with the head of the Ukrainian regime of Petro Poroshenko, which took place last night, not so major for Kiev, as it is apt to interpret the local press.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Actually the fact that Tillerson recently personally visited Moscow, where he had a substantive conversation with Vladimir Putin, clearly outweighs phone call, which he confined in the Ukrainian case. And that in itself is an important signal about the real place of Kiev in the new foreign policy priorities of Washington.

Read the material in: Tillerson discussed with Poroshenko Donbass and your visit to Moscow

Upon closer acquaintance with the report of the acting press Secretary of US state Department Mark Toner on this call to catch the eye and other maloandriivka for Ukraine details.

For example, the American side has assured Poroshenko that “sanctions will remain in force until Russia will return control of the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine and does not implement fully their commitments under the Minsk agreements”. Here you should pay attention to two things. First, the United States, thus, in fact, confirmed that anti-Russian sanctions have nothing to do with the Ukrainian problem, because the ocean understands that Crimea will not return under the authority of Kiev ever. And therefore creation for Americans no more than a convenient pretext for preserving a “corrective” pressure on Russia, which they need for other, more important reasons.

It is necessary to clarify – what. The U.S. continues attempts to retain control over the Russian economy and Russia itself as a raw material component of its globalist economic model. And sanctions play in these efforts a crucial role. With their help, the US is trying to limit or completely suppress the development of industrial, high-tech sectors of the Russian economy and not let it become dominant. For if it happens, the task of keeping Russia in a neo-colonial commodity line for the West will be in principle unsolvable. Us sanctions aimed at stimulating resource sector of the Russian economy. As evidenced by a faster pace of development, as well as a fantastic revenue associated with this business top Russian “Forbes” personal status only for last year has increased by many billions of dollars. And this note – in terms of sanctions!

Therefore, it is clear that these sanctions are a strategic weapon of global economic pressure of the USA and the current problems of Ukraine, as such, are irrelevant.

But in the same conversation with Poroshenko, U.S. Secretary of state twice mentioned the Minsk agreements. And although, according to Toner, strongly emphasized the responsibility for implementation of the Russian Federation and the Donetsk militia, she repeated the reference to this document is a clear indication that these agreements should be carried out to all who signed them, including Ukraine itself.

Thus, Tillerson twice, and without the slightest compassion to Kiev, stepped on the sore spot. Because of the Kiev authorities, including Poroshenko himself, is now standing on a path full of perversion the essence of signed in Minsk documents and arbitrary refusal to perform them.

And finally, the role of the cherry on this cake the Kiev troubles played a soft, but very clear reminder Tillerson that Kiev needs “to continue to progress in the fight against corruption.” Given the fact that in reality the meaning of this expression in American diplomatic language, Poroshenko is unlikely to be envied. “The fight against corruption” is nothing more than the duty cudgel of American foreign policy that is always ready to fall on the heads of those who are not promptly and accurately carries out instructions from Washington. And the fact that that club was mentioned in this conversation indicates that he, Mr. Poroshenko is not considered in the US as a figure, is the main and only bet.

Thus, this seemingly optimistic for Kiev phone call, in fact much joy there the source Tillerson certainly not delivered. And that’s an understatement.

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