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Friday, March 23, 2018

The words of “the quarrel of the brothers” singer voiced the opinion of many residents of Ukraine

Словами о «ссоре братьев» певец озвучил мнение многих жителей Украины  

The Ministry of culture, the press and the blogosphere are outraged by the Ukrainian singer Ivan Dorn, afford to call “fight” the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, and Russian and Ukrainian peoples – “brothers.” In the case of the mandrel faced the real, everyday Ukraine, having nothing against the Russians, and the Ukraine nationalist, resentful, where under every Bush sees traitors and latent “quilted jackets”.

Raised in the environment of the buzz surrounding the remarks of a pop singer Ivan Dorn indicates that Ukrainian society is in a more painful state than before. Before the singers or athletes said similar things, it caused such a stir. Apparently, the interest of the politicized section of society to show business fueled the scandal surrounding the “Eurovision”.

“There is no war between Ukraine and Russia, and our very deep internal civil conflict. It takes effort and Russian and Ukrainian peoples from conflict to gradually withdraw”

That caused a murmur of comments mandrel sounded the day before in interview for personal Internet channel sports Russian videoblogger Yuri Dude. So, a sharp “rise” music in Ukraine Dorn explained that “the younger brothers had a falling out with the seniors”.

“When there was a quarrel between two brothers, all younger brothers said “no” to everything from big brother, I want all of her,” said Dorn, his response surprised even the Russian blogger, said the Agency UNIAN. Dorn lamented that his concerts in Russia, the anger of Ukrainian politicians, but expressed the hope that “fight” will be over soon: “the Thaw has already begun”.

The singer in the camp of anti-Russian warriors

Singer also assured that never helped fighters ATO, contrary to what was said about him earlier. For example, two years ago, it was reported that the mandrel donated money to the Ukrainian military in the Donbass. Dorn said: if he sacrificed, only the victims of the attacks on Mariupol residents, but the volunteers, whom he trusted, “decided to use that money differently.”

The Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk on Wednesday called statements mandrel is invalid. “I’m sorry Ivan Dorn commented. He might have different personal position, in the sense of it helping or not helping (soldiers anti-terrorist operation – approx. UNIAN), but to talk about the fight and like we have here, nothing happens – it is unworthy,” – said Nyshchuk, regretting that does not punish the mandrel. “He is not a member of any public facility or cultural institution, where we have the opportunity to influence it… Legally there’s no way we can influence it”, – the Minister reminded.

However, Dorne is not going to break up with Ukraine

Portal of MRPL.CITY announces at the beginning of July festival featuring the “30 stars of world and Ukrainian music”, including the mandrel, and participants of “Eurovision-2017” from the Ukrainian group O. Torvald. All anything, but the festival is scheduled in Mariupol, a few dozen kilometers from the DNR.

The organizers promise that the band “light in the middle of the sea of Azov” – and it will be the biggest musical event in Eastern Ukraine. “Pop, rock and hip-hop, and “electronics” will blow water of Azov 900 kilowatts of sound,” write the organizers, not to mention, how will ensure the safety of festival – in a zone of reach of artillery from the front line.

In addition, participation in the concert from the front line, in the region where a strong “separatist sentiments”, can be regarded as a gesture of solidarity with the Ukrainian military. Thereby the mandrel is trying to please both sides of the “argument”, or else he only cares about the fees.

The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2004, which in December 2013 acted as one of the main tribunes of the Euromaidan Ruslana Lyzhychko (Ruslana) now believes that music should be apolitical.

“Sincerity in statement of the mandrel does not feel musical positions as such do not see. The music position is that we as musicians need to show solidarity to musical events, concerts unite people. Musicians of Ukraine and Russia has now entered is an unwritten rule that we ignore politics, especially the conflict”, – said the singer to the newspaper the SIGHT.

“I think that Dorn’s statement was made for a reason right now. He stated that under “the Eurovision” – and very embarrassing. He has something in mind, but it is unclear what. I do not like that music, and in particular the Eurovision song contest, acquires the political “bonuses”. Very worried about it,” admitted Ruslana. According to her, the mandrel has a direct relation to the upcoming competition in may – he will sing at Eurovision.

It should be noted that the representative of the mandrel Lyudmila Mironov could not confirm the newspaper VIEW the message on the participation of the singer in the Eurovision song contest. He was unavailable for comment.

Ukrainian media expert Anatoly Shary believes that the scandal was blown out of nowhere. “Nothing wrong with the word “quarrel” I do not find. Well, the “fraternal” peoples. Why is it almost ready to expel from Ukraine? As I understand it, he is already in the Ukraine almost moved, like many other actors and singers. He recently had between the streams to maneuver. First he said one thing, then another. It’s got this”, – said the expert.

Despite the flow of charges, the audience of the mandrel will stay with him, I am sure Shary – but the question is, will you give him now to speak normally.

“Two years ago he indulged in similar statements. Then almost no one noticed. Now some sheep woke up and gave everyone a boost. And all the rest – like a flock of sheep and suddenly began to bleat and Meca: “Traitor!” – outraged media expert.

Shary thinks that Dorne will be able to stay there, where it remains, and is there to make money. “Ukraine is quite tight right now. Here a group of “Mushrooms” in Ukraine would be useless, she continued to speak in the trash. And in Russia – view – this Ukrainian band now enjoys wide popularity. I said: guys, you don’t notice or squeeze all that brings money. Russia observes everything that can produce money and everything sucks. And our learned nothing. Now will poison Dorn,” suggested Shary.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian media chose not to reduce the degree of hatred. After a few hours, a new victim was another singer SunSay (Andrey Zaporozhets). Kiev Internet resources suddenly drew attention to the fact, the singer previously starred in the video with the Russian artists who “support the separatists” of Donbas: Arbenina, Sklar and Bobunets.

As the newspaper view, the first time Andrei Zaporozhets was accused of treason, when, in June last year, appeared on the show of the Russian First channel. At the same time, the Ukrainian sociologists have noted that the wave of hatred of Russia in Ukraine began to decline, with anxiety it is recognized, and the Ukrainian radical nationalists.

Forced to go to Russia Ukrainian sociologist Yevhen Kopatko believes that people, whose position is consonant with the position of the mandrel, in the Ukraine a lot, but their voice is not heard.

“In our country of the company took a monopoly on the truth. They believe that if a person has a civil position of pacifist plan, it is unacceptable in war. People who have a different point of view, you begin to slack off, and if you think that Ruslan Cocabo, and be put in jail,” explained Kopatko the newspaper VIEW.

“In fact, many people in Ukraine believe: there is no war between Ukraine and Russia, and our very deep internal civil conflict. They believe that efforts are needed and the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, as if public diplomacy to conflict gradually emerge,” – said the sociologist.


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