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Friday, March 23, 2018

The specter of war in Donbas: Ukraine decided to “sweep” under the UN flag

After Sunday’s news about the bombing of the car of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE, in which one employee (US citizen) died and two (citizens of Germany and the Czech Republic) were injured, is likely to begin a new round of escalation in the Donbas. Deviated from the original route Obseshnikov machine travelling along the line of contact of the Luhansk national Republic and Ukraine, came to the mined area and hit a mine. Representatives of the LC and the DNI has said about the intention of Kiev to use the incident as a provocation that soon was confirmed. The same night the President of Ukraine Poroshenko called U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and bringing the necessary apologies, immediately offered to discuss the issue of introduction to the Donbass international peacekeeping forces under the UN flag.

What are the “blue helmets” of the UN in the Donbass? Should take the example of Bosnia or Kosovo, where are the “blue helmets” played the role of the official cover for the Western-backed Islamic militants in their confrontation with the Serbs. Obviously, in the case of the introduction of the Polish-American contingent under the UN flag in the Donbass, Kiev will have the opportunity to begin to prepare in practice of the Croatian scenario of uncontrolled Stripping of the region. On the one hand, of course, Russia may impose a veto in the UN Security Council for a possible decision on the introduction of peacekeepers, but on the other hand, and Europe-to fight for Ukraine is not going. That is why it does not end the initiatives of the military mission of the OSCE: not ready the Germans with the French to risk armed conflict of its own observers. But the new Washington cowboy in the White house can offer. The logic of Poroshenko is clear about: if trump slammed the “Tomahawks” on Syria and almost launched nuclear missiles at North Korea, then why did he not send his Rangers to the Donbass? Ukrainian media immediately turned on the machine fraud — if Surkov Nuland about a “international status” of the Donbas was agreed a year and a half ago in Kaliningrad. But all this is nothing more than another attempt to wishful thinking.

Unfortunately for Ukraine, Poroshenko in exactly the same way Saakashvili, and it doesn’t look like he was going to change it. In 2008, is also likely counting on the support of the US, the last Georgian leader started the aggression against South Ossetia. In 2017, his Ukrainian counterpart attempts empirically to test the readiness of the new us administration’s strong support for Kiev. However, in both cases, these regional conflicts are not much else critical to Washington. That is why the US prefer to behave in the spirit of “playing strength”. The only question is, which “depicted the victim” the “imaging force” does not help.

And most importantly — opposed any international military missions are the authorities of the breakaway republics, without their consent, no “peacekeepers” under the UN helmet or under the helmet of the OSCE in the Donbass will not fall. The only option — if only Ukraine will be regularly send to your own front line for the next Protocol of victims of “Russian aggression” with diplomatic passports. However, this option is unlikely to suit the UN and the international community. Still, any lies have boundaries. And Ukraine is the framework that has repeatedly crossed that did not go unnoticed in Europe.

The most obvious example — Angela Merkel: the closer to the own the September elections, the more it distanciruemsa from the regime Poroshenko, who recently fiercely defended. The French (whoever was/a new President) as the initiators of the “Norman format” in General can repossess the temptation to abandon the status of guarantor of the Minsk agreements precisely because of the obvious resistance of Kiev and their implementation. But in any case it will not mean automatic cancellation of the prisoner two years ago contract. Because Poroshenko and in a hurry. Made a statement the other day about the threat of use of chemical weapons by the Ukrainian army in the Donbas from the same series.

Worst of all, they are really capable of it. To prevent such a scenario can only wide publicity to the plans of Kiev.


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