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Monday, March 19, 2018

Source: Ministry of energy of Ukraine ordered to start an energy blockade LC

On the night of April 25 should be disconnected the power supply and, accordingly, water on the territory of the self-proclaimed LNR. Kiev is ready to deny all the benefits of civilization half a million people. Their last hope is Russia.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Earlier, the Ukrainian Ministry for the occupied territories has put a Herculean effort to build chain of payment for the consumed water and electricity between Ukrainian companies and the self-proclaimed republics. So as to receive directly the money from the “unrecognized formations”, Ukraine does not want, was arranged for the firm-intermediary, which in late January received the first 10.5 million hryvnias for the consumed water in the LC. By the time Papanasam water site there was a catastrophic situation with paying for electricity: the company was at a brink of bankruptcy due to the fact that electricity consumed, and to obtain money from the consumers behind the front line could not.

The Ukrainian government broke a whole battle around off from light and water in uncontrolled areas (NKT). The Ministry temporarily occupied territories (Ukrainian abbreviation — Minot) strongly opposed and warned about the catastrophic consequences for all.

“In addition to Schastyinsky thermal power plants, other sources of energy generation in the Luhansk region no. But no money, and no sense to give energy after “squeezing” the mines and factories on the other side of the front too now like no. But when you disconnect power the popasnyansky node will remain without water and 50 thousand people in the territories controlled by Ukraine too. The light and the water is probably still shut off!” — explained the situation to the correspondent “MK” a senior source in Minot. According to “MK”, signed by the head of Ministry of Ukraine has said that the energy blockade of the LC will begin on April 25.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the breakaway Republic are at a loss. For example, the Plenipotentiary representative LNR Vladislav Danego said that he does not believe in off Lugansk from the Ukrainian water and electricity. According to him, Kiev has repeatedly made such threats, but not once they are embodied in practice. However, he believes that if the self-proclaimed Republic did shut off, the problems will be. The opposite opinion is shared by the head of the Ministry LNR Paul Malgin. According to him, Lugansk is completely ready for the off: the residents of the breakaway Republic will support water and power to neighboring DNR and Russia.

The current Russian energy supplies in the LC may be sufficient only in the case if the Lugansk decide to reduce their industrial capacity. Now this happens because its factories and mines are awaiting the moment when the established ways of selling products to Russia. However, even in this case, the residents of the breakaway Republic will experience a shortage of electricity. In particular, it will not be enough water, problems with sewage.

Russia can cover the shortage of electricity for several months. LC is a very small part of Lugansk area, she needs quite a bit of electricity to ensure its independence from Ukraine, and I only need one additional power lines. If Crimea were able to establish a supply, then with the LC in General, there will be no problems. Until now, Moscow has not wanted to do because was tied by the accords, but if Kiev will impose an energy blockade of Donbass, anything else she will not. Everything will be done informally and in an atmosphere of extreme secrecy, as formally Lugansk is part of Ukraine.

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