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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Show: experts told, why the French chose the Makron

French citizens have made their choice in the first round of the presidential election won by independent candidate centrist Emmanuel macron. Non-system politician only a year ago was unknown, but now he has tipped the presidency. This proves once again that the citizens of many countries are disappointed in political elites and want to see at the helm of new people. But what this means? “Underdog” and fighter establishment Donald trump is not yet able to record the asset in its success. These and other topics, the largest Russian experts in the field of political science and Economics discussed at the presentation of the Yearbook “the Year of the planet” at IMEMO ran.

photo: AP

“The centrists in the elections have traditionally participated, but their electorate before the vote went to political poles, reminded senior researcher, IMEMO ran Arina Transfiguration. — However, in this election, a number of factors favored the Makron. First, he was comfortable opponents from the main political forces. The socialists and the Republicans before the election held primaries. Politically engaged supporters of political parties gave preference to the candidates belonging to the ideological poles. It was immediately obvious that it will be difficult to find support outside his political camp. This configuration left in the center of the political spectrum is much more space for the synthesis of right and left ideas than in previous elections.

Second, extremely on hand to Macron scandal was “Penelopiad” (charges the right candidate françois Fillon fraud involving his wife Penelope — “MK”), which the authority of the Fillon reeled in the eyes of the French, especially the Catholics who constituted the core of his electorate. After all, for Catholics honesty is a fundamental quality of the President. And third, election campaigns are more reminiscent of the show, the audience requires, if not new programs, new actors. Supporters of Le Pen and Macron voted not for their program, but for the fact that these candidates embody change.” The expert stressed that marine Le Pen has little chance to win in the second round, as she was unable to unite the French right.

But who wouldn’t be in the seat of the President of France, it is already clear that this will be a non-systemic candidate. In the United States last year to power also came a novice in politics, Donald trump. What turned his presidency? “Donald trump won the election as the Republican nominee, but, strictly speaking, he is not a Republican — said BP.and.about. Director of IMEMO ran Fedor seminar was chaired by. — Throughout the greater part of his life he belonged to the democratic party during the election campaign did not enjoy the support of the Republican establishment. Now this has an impact on the difficult relationship between the President and the Congress. In addition, trump is currently in the personnel search. The presidential administration is understaffed, especially of the foreign unit. Not filled up to 30% of the seats in the Council for national security and as many in the state Department.

Trump has contact with the business, with the military and that gives him some kind of support of the Republican establishment. But he just starts to form a contact with the expert community. So the President has a difficult situation from the point of view of decision-making”.

The expert said that these difficulties are manifested in the relations with Russia. According to Fedor seminar was chaired by, trump statements about friendship with Russia during the election campaign were designed to show how a billionaire is different from Clinton and Obama, not to lay the Foundation for future relations.

The authors of the Yearbook also paid attention to the policy of Turkey, the consequences of a British exit from the European Union and increasingly China’s claims to global leadership.

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